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Facebook Censors Famous George Washington Picture and the USA's National Motto
Contact: Steven Andrew, USA.Life, 877-585-7729
SAN JOSE, Calif., July 16, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- On Sunday, Pastor Steven Andrew posted to Facebook a popular picture of George Washington praying at Valley Forge and wrote, "The USA's National Motto is 'In God We Trust'." Facebook censored the first president and the national motto, showing the post to only 280 people in 19 hours (7/16/18 10:50 am PST). Andrew has a Facebook audience of 467,714 people liking his page and 456,153 following him.

"Not only is the post free of hate, but its message of turning to God brings love and hope," said Andrew.

Andrew is called the "Facebook pastor" and spent thousands of dollars with Facebook advertising to build up the followers. Before the censoring, he reached 5 to 8 million people per month, with an average post going to 30,000 to 60,000 people. Some posts reached a million people. However, after Facebook said they were cracking down on fake news, they shadowbanned Andrew. Facebook blocks 5-plus million people per month from him.

Andrew contacted Facebook about the censoring earlier, but attempts to find a resolution were unsuccessful. He requested Facebook remove the fake accounts impersonating him that scam his followers for money, but Facebook refused to remove them.

Andrew said, "Facebook caused my ministry to lose millions of dollars in donations and the ability to grow my website traffic due to their censorship and refusal to remove impersonators."

"I am disappointed Facebook censors George Washington and the national motto. I want Facebook to stop blocking me," Andrew said.

Because of the censorship, Andrew is building a new social network called USA.Life to allow sharing freely about life, liberty and happiness. "There is no censoring of George Washington and the national motto at www.USA.Life," he said. Andrew is a Silicon Valley technology leader with Fortune 500 business experience, including running multi-million dollar internet initiatives.

Andrew started a crowdfunding page and needs to raise $778,000 to launch the new social network and a new search engine, which will give "freedom and privacy".

Learn more about USA.Life:

For a picture showing Facebook censors George Washington:
Facebook Post (count will increase from media coverage)

About Steven Andrew
Steven Andrew is pastor of USA Christian Church and leads One Million Americans on the LORD's Side. He is the author of "Jesus Makes America Great". He is also the founder of www.USA.Life social network and www.1776Free.com search engine-the answer to the tech giants censoring conservatives.