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National Clergy Council Responds to Criticism for Moroccan Project

Contact: Tanie Guy, Christian Friendship Project, 304-725-9858, tanie@forgetmenotministries.org

WASHINGTON, Sept. 17 /Christian Newswire/ -- In response to recent criticism from within the Evangelical community about its ongoing efforts to investigate a humanitarian crisis among the people of North Africa’s Sahara, the National Clergy Council issues this statement:

The National Clergy Council’s concern about the conditions of the people living in camps along the Algerian-Moroccan border in North Africa is limited to the humanitarian dimensions of their situation. While there are those doing Evangelical work in the Algerian camps who insist that one side, the POLISARIO Front, is absolutely right in this dispute, we cannot agree.

The Algerian-sponsored POLISARIO Front, with backing from Fidel Castro in Cuba and long-term ties to Muammar Gadaffi of Libya and, in the past, to the former Soviet Union, should be held as much in doubt as any other party making claims on the people of the region.

It is also deeply troubling to us that Evangelical Christians would unquestionably accept the assurances of any group that has its origin in fomenting socialist revolution or who at any time has espoused militantly atheistic, anti-Christian and anti-American ideologies.

This is why the National Clergy Council is calling for the unfettered, uncontrolled and unmonitored opening of all POLISARIO Front controlled camps. Furthermore, we call for an entirely independent investigation of the transport of children from the region to Cuba where they are subjected to socialist indoctrination and explicitly anti-American propaganda. And, notwithstanding a dated UN authored report being circulated, we also call for further investigation of newly acquired evidence of the diversion of humanitarian aid by the POLISARIO Front to the black market.

We appeal to our brothers and sisters in Christ who have taken a decidedly one-sided role in this conflict to return to a politically neutral stance and support the complete freedom of individuals and families in the camps to choose where they wish to live, including returning to their homeland of Morocco.

After several visits to the region, long hours of interviews with victims of this crisis and a remarkably open dialogue with local and national leaders in the Southern Provinces of Morocco, we remain convinced that no progress can be made in relieving the suffering of those bound to the camps as long as one side is given complete credibility over the other. It is past time for both sides to be heard in this matter and we remain committed to pray and to work toward this end.