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How Would Jesus Vote?

New book addresses today's critical issues against Biblical scripture in time for 2008 Presidential Election


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SOUTHFIELD, Michigan, Feb. 5 /Christian Newswire/ -- In preparation for key upcoming elections, William H. Carney has written a unique preparation guide, How Would Jesus Vote?, published by Creation House, a division of Strang Communications.


Carney starts off by asking a simple question: "If Jesus were a United States citizen, having all the legal rights and responsibilities of voting, according to what standards would he vote?" Carney delicately weaves through ten tumultuous topics, including taxes, same sex marriage, and war and national defense.


What comes through loud and clear in these 61 pages is Carney's passion to help readers not be swayed "by the economy, the media, the current popular opinion, or what is seemingly correct." In discussing each topic, he encourages readers to "not sit outside the political arena." To that end, he arms them with wonderful insight with biblical backing to reveal the truth of how Jesus would vote on each topic.


Concerning abortion, he notes, "It is clearly Satan's agenda manifested in the earth." Cleary, that can be said of any of the topics, particularly prayer in the schools. He writes on that topic: "The major issue with our school system is the government-forced removal of God from our schools. If you add that to the government-endorsed introduction of the 'religion' call Humanism … then you can see why evils like teen pregnancy and violence have increased greatly in our school."


Taking How Would Jesus Vote? to the polls will arm readers with the ability to vote correctly on each issue and turn the tide on humanistic agendas.


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How Would Jesus Vote? by William H. Carney

ISBN: 1-59979-077-7| 978-1-59979-077-0 Price: $6.99


A seasoned writer, William H. Carney pastors two churches and also ministers in churches and conferences throughout the world.


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