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FDA's Plan B Decision is Bad Medicine for Women and Children; Good News for Sexual Predators

Contact: Joe Giganti, 703-928-9695, Joe@VeritasMediaGroup.com


WASHINGTON, Aug. 24 /Christian Newswire/ -- Kimberly Zenarolla, executive vice president of the National Pro-Life Action Center (NPLAC)—the uncompromising voice of pro-life America on Capitol Hill—has issued the following statement regarding today’s decision by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to allow over-the-counter (OTC) sales of Plan B, so-called emergency contraception, to consumers 18 years and older.


“Today’s decision by the FDA shows a flagrant disregard for the health and safety of women, young girls and their innocent, unborn children.  This decision smacks of the same politically-driven mentality that brought about the questionable approval of RU-486 during the Clinton administration.  That decision has cost the lives on countless unborn children and the lives of several unsuspecting women who used the drug.  Tragically, the Bush administration appears poised to follow in the same destructive footsteps as its predecessor.


“The proposed ‘restrictions’ on OTC sales are totally unenforceable and appear to have been written to allow, rather than prevent, use of the dangerous drug regimen by minors.   Additionally, this move for OTC sales has afforded sexual predators and rapists a readily available tool that can help cover their criminal tracks.”


“Plan B’s website encourages women to use the sometimes abortion causing drug ‘as frequently as needed’ despite the fact that long-term consequences of repeated use, nor the effects of use by adolescents, has ever been studied.


“The FDA has taken the indefensible position of encouraging the use of a potent synthetic steroid, which not only has the potential to destroy a newly conceived child, but also may pose serious health dangers to women and young girls who repeatedly ingest this mega dose of artificial hormones in the name of political compromise and expediency.    


“We encourage the U.S. Congress to take immediate action to stop this decision from going forward and call for the withdraw of Andrew von Eschenbach’s nomination, President Bush’s nominee to head the FDA, who set this malicious plan in motion.”