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June Hunt Moved Past Her Own Childhood Pain and Now Provides Help for the Broken-Hearted

Founder of Hope for the Heart tackles God's design for marriage, singleness, friendship, and more in new series of books  

Contact: Katelyn Curran, 310-353-2100, Katelyn@Rose-Publishing.com

TORRANCE, Calif., March 26, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- June Hunt is no stranger to pain or disappointment. "I grew up in an adulterous home -- off on the side." After her dad's first wife died June's family then moved into his huge house. A year later her mother and father married but that didn't stop the abuse, rejection, and angry outbursts. It had become a way of life, a secret she hid every day. "I couldn't share my home life with anyone," says Hunt, "I felt like there was a cork in my throat."

Hunt now counsels thousands of people each year, giving hope, help, and advice, and encouraging them toward wholeness through the Word of God. Her experiences and painful childhood developed within her a unique sensitivity and a heart of compassion for those suffering from brokenness, hurt, or rejection. "In a broken world, things break, including relationships," explains Hunt. "Miscommunication, misbehavior, and misinformation can unravel the tightest bonds and leave emotions out of control." This is certainly true in marriage where Hunt says the biggest saboteur is unrealistic expectations. "Everyone experiences relationship breakdowns because imperfect people are connected to other imperfect people," explains Hunt.

As the author of five new books with Aspire Press (a division of Rose Publishing), Hunt is unwavering in her commitment to helping people understand and deal with some of life's most pressing challenges.  Compassionate in their approach, rich with scripture, and easy-to-read, they offer practical Christian solutions to life's problems. In each 96-page book, she defines the problems, offers biblical answers, shares stories, and provides steps to a solution.

June's 5 new titles cover relevant topics such as singleness, friendship, marriage, stress, and reconciliation.  In her book on marriage Hunt makes it clear exactly what God's plan was from the beginning; a binding agreement between a man and woman who are legally and spiritually joined together. Marriage is a lifetime commitment of continually submitting our will to God Hunt explains -- a process that entails self-sacrifice and commitment. For those who are single, Hunt says "you don't need someone to complete you." The problem with the mindset that singles are incomplete is the implication that they are not a whole person, a notion Hunt steadfastly rejects as patronizing and unbiblical.

Whether it is our relationships, finances, job, poor health, or worry, our lives are often punctuated by stress generated by an increasingly complex world. We struggle with disappointment and strain. Hunt says "your response to stress is what's most critical." For most of us stress is the convergence of multiple life challenges -- some under our control and others we have little or no control over. How we navigate through these difficult times, relieve the stress, and find peace is exactly what Hunt encourages readers to embrace.

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