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Former Miss Delaware, Now President of the National Black Pro-Life Union Comments on Miss Jamaica World 2006 Relinquishing Her Crown Due to Pregnancy

Contact: Day Gardner, National Black Pro-Life Union, 202-834-0844, dgardner@nbplu.com

WASHINGTON, Mar. 16 /Christian Newswire/ -- Twenty-two-year old Sara Lawrence, Miss Jamaica World 2006 resigned her title because she discovered that she was pregnant. I can only imagine the pressure she must have experienced. We are living in an age where we are taught to look for a quick fix no matter what the consequences and unfortunately, one such "quick fix" has resulted in the torturous killing of millions and millions of children by abortion since the passing of Roe vs. Wade in 1973.

In an official statement reported by The Gleaner, Ms. Lawrence said, "I relinquish my position as Miss Jamaica World 2006, having taken a deeply personal decision to face up to my responsibilities as one who expects to become a mother later this year. I believe that it is my moral obligation to do what I believe to be ethically correct and will follow what I believe to be right."

Ms. Lawrence who is 12 weeks pregnant, went on to say for ethical reasons, having an abortion was not an option, and her boyfriend fully supports her decision. "I will continue pursuing a career in medicine after the birth of my baby," she said.

It's difficult to explain what it means for a young woman to win a pageant crown. I guess the best thing to compare it to would be like being part of a football team that makes it to the Super Bowl, or a farm team baseball player that finally makes it to "the big dance."

I remember how it felt to compete and to be selected above so many equally beautiful and talented girls. I remember how it felt to win. Though there are those who would have a woman in Sara's predicament believe differently, life is NOT over because of an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy. Sara Lawrence is still young and still beautiful and she still has a wonderful, exciting and successful career ahead of her.

Life goes on--it does not end because you become a mother, but rather your life is much more enriched. 

Day Gardner was the first black Miss Delaware and the first black woman to be named a semi-finalist in the Miss America Pageant.  She can be reached at 202-834-0844