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What Producers of 'The Secret' Missed: Here's What Believers Do, When the Ordinary Won't Do!

Contact: Leopold K. Richardson, 732-692-0337, office@kimorichardson.com, www.kimorichardson.com


PISCATAWAY, NJ, Apr. 4 /Christian Newswire/ -- Extraordinary living...everybody wants it, but few actually know how to go about achieving it. You could try using the laws of attraction as Oprah has suggested, or you could try doing it the biblical way. Twenty-three year old author L.A. Kimo Richardson unearths the biblically-based prescription for achieving an extraordinary life nested within the much obscured book of Numbers in the recently released book, "When the Ordinary Won't Do!"


"Although the Secret contains many precepts that can assist individuals in achieving the life of their dreams," Richardson insists, "it is missing the greatest secret of all…namely that the universe is governed by principles, but orchestrated by a person, God." "God cannot be marginal or ambiguous in the process, but he must be personally engaged and consulted. This is exactly what the Bible guides the reader to do in Numbers the sixth chapter, and is the subject of the book 'When the Ordinary Won't Do!'"


The premise of Richardson's book is that God desires the extraordinary for all of us, but most of us live lives driven by crisis and by default we redefine the ordinary; crisis becomes ordinary. He contends that reaching the extraordinary requires a redefinition of our life's focus so that we can activate and achieve it. "There is no five step process to seeing the extraordinary", he says, "it requires a lifestyle change, a change that the Bible illustrates in Numbers the sixth chapter."


"When the Ordinary Won't Do!" is a short read designed to ignite each reader in passionate pursuit of the extraordinary and the God who avails it. This book is the perfect read for those that desire to include a personal God in their growth process to extraordinary living. The book is complimented by an online blog on www.kimorichardson.com.


The book can be purchased on www.amazon.com, www.barnesandnoble.com, or by calling toll free 866-909-2665. To schedule an interview or to request a review copy, please contact L.A. Kimo Richardson at 732-692-0337 or office@kimorichardson.com. Please include the name of your publication or broadcast, along with your contact information.