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Internet Retailer Conducts Wonka Style Search for New Boss!!!

After more than $1,000,000 in sales, the retiring owner of VeggieGear.com rips a page from the Wonka School of Business to find a perfect successor for the Internet retailer from entrants.

Contact: IntelliGlobal M&A, 704-846-0483, Fax: 704-846-0483, info@intelliglobal.com (telephone interviews upon request)

MEDIA ADVISORY, August 1 /Christian Newswire/ -- When asked about the genesis of the idea, retiring CEO Paul Wagner stated “We had been working with the Mergers & Acquisitions firm Intelliglobal to determine the right corporate retail candidates with which to partner for our next million dollars in sales when inspiration struck. The next VeggieGear owner could be anyone! Anyone who loves Veggie Tales as much as we do, and has the desire to change the course of their own lives, might be hiding out there waiting for just such an opportunity.”

Veggie Tales is a series of children's books and computer animated videos conveying moral values via humorous, vegetable-shaped characters. From the humble beginnings of a spare bedroom, VeggieGear.com, an independent retailer, has grown to be a pioneering influence in the sale and marketing of VeggieTales products on the web. With the newly released LarryBoy and The Bad Apple, interest in Veggie Tales has reached a fever pitch.

So how will the search proceed? Wagner describes the process. “Interested groups or individuals will go to our sign-up page at http://www.veggiegear.com/ceosearch.html. They will be asked to enter a 100 word introduction of themselves and pay an entry fee in order to qualify for consideration. Candidates have only 100 words to grab the attention of our staff. Someone among that select group will be the next CEO and owner of an Internet company with over $1,000,000 in Veggie Tales product sales.”

And what exactly will the chosen CEO receive? The new CEO will be the guardian and owner of our entire collective processes. They will own and operate the website, which practically runs itself at this point. We will start them out with almost $200,000.00 SRP in initial Veggie Tales inventory, which we will commercially transport to them FOR FREE. They will not have to incur any costs for the transfer of VeggieGear assets to them.”

Complete rules and entry form for the VeggieGear.com CEO Search can be found online at http://www.veggiegear.com/ceosearch.html.

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