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Homosexual Marriage Approved by California Assembly

State Assembly passes bill to overturn Proposition 22


Contact: Karen England, Executive Director, Capitol Resource Institute, 916-212-5607


SACRAMENTO, June 5 /Christian Newswire/ -- In a 42-34 vote, the State Assembly voted to pass AB 43, allowing homosexual marriage in California. After a lengthy floor debate, Democrats voted to flout the will of California voters by choosing to overturn Proposition 22, the 2000 initiative that clearly defined marriage as between one man and one woman.


"The arrogant majority in the California legislature have decided that they know better than the people by voting to force AB 43 on California," declared Karen England, Executive Director of Capitol Resource Institute. "The people of California clearly decided this issue when they passed Proposition 22. It is outrageous for legislators to waste time and money debating an issue that Californians have decided."


Several lawmakers expressed their opposition to AB 43 by boldly declaring their support for traditional marriage. Assemblyman Chuck DeVore eloquently argued that this is not an issue of rights, but is a fundamental question of the purpose of marriage. Assemblyman Doug La Malfa expressed his dismay that there are no longer any institutions so sacred that they are untouchable by the liberal California legislature. Also speaking out against AB 43 were Assembly members Anthony Adams, Joel Anderson, Sharon Runner, Bill Maze, Mike Villines and Ted Gaines.


"Especially alarming was the tone of lawmakers as they argued in favor of AB 43. The contempt lawmakers have for the constituents they supposedly represent is appalling," continued England. "Instead of respecting the decision voters made with the passage of Proposition 22, lawmakers chided them for being 'discriminatory' and 'bigoted'."


Joining the derisive chorus, Assemblywoman Laura Richardson declared that even if her constituents voted for Proposition 22, she must make the right decision and override their decision. Assemblyman Lloyd Levine stated that, "what we have here is the need to overcome fear" and prejudice.


"Proponents of the bill argue that Proposition 22 did not apply to homosexual marriages within California-only marriages outside of the state. It is extremely disingenuous of lawmakers to obfuscate this issue with their legal jargon," stated Meredith Turney, Legislative Liaison for Capitol Resource Institute. "The people of California understood what they were voting for when they passed Proposition 22-protecting traditional marriage. It is the height of arrogance to overturn the will of the people simply because lawmakers believe they are more enlightened."


AB 43 will now be considered in the state Senate.


Several members spoke on the floor this evening on the issue of homosexual marriage. Here is a list of those who choose to speak out on this issue.


Assemblymembers speaking for AB 43


Assemblyman Leno


Assemblyman Feuer


Assemblyman Nava


Assemblywoman Richardson


Assemblywoman Brownley


Assemblyman Portantino


Assmblyman Levine


Assemblywoman Berg


Assemblyman Claderon


Assemblywoman Saldana


Assemblywoman Hayashi


Assemblywoman Ma


Assemblyman Laird


Assemblyman Swanson


Assemblyman Krekorian


Assemblyman Ruskin


Assemblyman Eng


Assemblywoman Hancock


Speaker Nunez


Assemblywoman Salas




Assemblymembers speaking against AB 43


Assemblyman DeVore


Assemblyman LaMalfa


Assemblyman Adams


Assemblyman Anderson


Assemblywoman Runner


Assemblyman Gaines


Assemblyman Maze


Assemblyman Villines