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Tragedy at VA Tech Didn't Have to Go This Far

"Treating people who are mentally unstable at the very beginning of any sign of abnormality or trouble may avert the type of catastrophe which just occurred in Virginia. A proactive legal system could force treatment on disturbed people before they hurt someone," Darwin Demers, author of "Walkin' the Dog"(Xulon Press, March 2007), a recounting of the events that led to a violent confrontation with his bullying neighbor, and how this case changed the law in Canada.


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KELOWNA, British Columbia, April 21 /Christian Newswire/ -- "The tragedy at VA Tech didn't have to go this far!  Oftentimes, we are not able to recognize how bad things really are, or how mentally unstable we are," declares Demers, who was charged with attempted murder for shooting his neighbor three times. 


"The fact is that mandated assistance from professionals at an early stage would go a long way to helping to resolve situations BEFORE they explode out of control. The tragedy at Virginia Tech did NOT have to happen," says Demers.  


After a new neighbor started harassing his 8 children, his wife & himself, Demers found his peaceful home existence changed drastically. "My children were afraid to go outside; and my wife was threatened daily by this man that seemingly took joy in torturing our family".  After seeking a resolution for over 2 years and finding none, it finally became too much and the situation escalated to the point of no return. 


"There are almost always signs before a tragedy like this. We need to make sure that someone is there to read the signs and act immediately to remedy the situation before it becomes the catalyst for another tragedy like VA Tech," concludes Demers.


Darwin Demers is available to comment on the recent cluster of shootings, particularly the VA Tech tragedy.  Contact Wanda @ 209.534.0335 or at

wanda@fullphasemedia.com to schedule an interview.