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Your Congregation Needs Protection Right Now
Author Stephen Bryen
July 29, 2020

WASHINGTON, July 29, 2020 /Christian Newswire/ -- The author of Security for Holy Places (www.securityforholyplaces.org), Stephen Bryen urges churches, synagogues, mosques and temples to immediately take steps to protect their buildings, schools and congregants.

"We are witnessing unprecedented attacks on religious sites around the world," Bryen says, "with no religion left untouched."

"In the past synagogues were targeted by antisemitic groups and individuals and Black churches were attacked by racists, bigots and White Supremacy groups.  That is still happening, but hate has spread to temples, mosques, and mainline churches including Catholic, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Evangelical and more."

"We are seeing churches burned, vandalized, desecrated and spray painted.  Statues and holy symbols are deliberately destroyed, including statues representing Jesus and Mary, crosses, Torah scrolls, and prayer books." Burglaries and thefts are rampant.

"The most important and urgent step is for religious places to put visible guards at sanctuaries, religious schools, parsonages and other readily identifiable locations. The guards should be professionals and preferably armed."

Bryen points out that volunteers can help protect holy places, but they are needed mainly to support professional guards who are the primary deterrent to crime.  "Unfortunately most congregations are not protected at night and into the early hours of the morning when most attacks happen," says Bryen.  "Leaving them unprotected is an invitation to the bad guys," he added. The book contains detailed information on how to hire guards and what their qualifications should be.

Security for Holy Places provides in-depth coverage on how to protect holy places from crime, shootings, arson, and physical attacks.

Included in the book is information on how to apply for grants and other financial help in the United States, Canada, the UK and Australia.

Security for Holy Places is published by Morgan James Publishing.

The e-book version is available for immediate purchase at Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, Google Play and Barnes and Noble Nook. The paper version is available for pre-order on Amazon and elsewhere and will be released on August 25th and will be available in bookstores.

Stephen Bryen is an internationally known security authority. He was a top Pentagon official, headed a major multinational defense company in the United States, and was twice awarded the Defense Department's highest civilian honor, the Distinguished Public Service medal.  

SOURCE Author Stephen Bryen

CONTACT: 202-468-4225, author@securityforholyplaces.org

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