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New Redemption Press Fiction Suspense Features Chinese American Heroine in a Fight for Her Life
Redemption Press
March 24, 2020

ENUMCLAW, Wash., March 24, 2020 /Christian Newswire/ -- William Avery's debut fiction pits strong-willed Chinese American banker Beverly Battersby, with deep ties to her California coastal community, against Russian mobsters and their high-tech scheme to swindle Beverly's bank and its clients of billions of dollars. Over her dead body.

DEATH, GREED, and INTRIGUE are the stuff of detective novels and not expected in a prestigious coastal enclave. But there is plenty after the chairman of Newport Beach's esteemed bank is found murdered. Single mom Beverly Battersby, the bank's hardworking CFO, is devastated by her mentor's death and horrified to discover the new executives above her are mobsters in the process of embezzling millions—which would leave her beloved community in ruins—and intend to lay the blame squarely on her.

Infuriated, Beverly pulls together her own covert team to take down the swindlers, with the help of Alaskan banker Robert Langdon. Even as her squad explodes into action, the threat against Beverly escalates, and she's forced to set aside her growing romance with Robert and to go into hiding in the Alaskan wilderness. But if the assassins track her down, is she capable of defending and protecting her small family? And will those bilking her bank and community ever face their crimes?

"Beverly's Justice was spawned by a lifelong desire to have women in the workplace given their deserved recognition," says author William Avery. "This book salutes these brave ladies for the worth and grit they bring to the world of commerce and applauds them for stabilizing our society through their enormous contributions at home."

Follow Beverly as she utilizes all her wits and untested skills to bring to justice an enemy who plays dirty.

During his experience as a lumberjack, merchant seaman, insurance executive, and cattleman, William Avery acquired an enormous respect for industrious and courageous women. After producing Ouachita Heritage, a well-received work chronicling five generations of his family, Avery turned to fiction, his first love, to write Beverly's Justice. He lives with his wife in Orange County, California. They enjoy traveling to exotic locales.

For interviews, contact William Avery at: (714) 386-8389 or williamavery547@gmail.com.

SOURCE Redemption Press

CONTACT: William Avery, 714-386-8389, williamavery547@gmail.com

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