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Defeating Rudy Giuliani: 40 Days of Action, Prayer and Fasting Until Super Tuesday

Contact: Randall Terry, 904-461-0834

MEDIA ADVISORY, Dec. 28 /Christian Newswire/ -- "Rudy Giuliani is a Benedict Arnold. He wears the GOP uniform, while warring against its' most sacred principles and most revered heroes - like Ronald Reagan. He must be exposed, opposed, and soundly defeated in the next 40 days." Randall Terry

"Awake, and strengthen what remains as is on the point of death..." (Rev. 3:2)

Full Statement of Randall Terry Follows.

"From today - December 28, until February 5 - the staff and associates of The Society for Truth and Justice begin 40 days of activism, prayer, and fasting aimed at the demise of Rudy Giuliani's Presidential campaign.

"Our goal and prayer is to celebrate the 'funeral' of Giuliani's campaign on Super Tuesday, February 5. We are urging all faithful Republicans nationwide to reject Giuliani and his 'culture of death' agenda at the voting booth from now until then.

"Our actions have begun in earnest in New Hampshire (click to see video of arrests for peaceful protests) and will continue there until the election on January 5.) We will then spend the rest of January traveling throughout Florida, holding protests, literature drops at churches, sign holding at busy intersections, and dogging Giuliani at every campaign stop we possibly can until the January 29 primary.

We are working with leaders and activists in Super Tuesday 5 (Feb 5) states to follow this template of activism to expose and oppose Giuliani in every peaceful way possible.

We are frequently asked: Why are we - who are mostly Republicans - focusing so intently on Giuliani who is also a Republican, when Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama are in the race?

Answer: Rudy Giuliani is a wolf in sheep's clothing; a closet Democrat.

Giuliani unashamedly supports the killing of unborn babies by abortion; he has been a brazen supporter of special rights for homosexuals, including civil unions and 'homosexual marriage' in Massachusetts; he is a proven enemy of our God given right to self-defense, delineated in the Second Amendment.

Giuliani is a faithful practicing enemy of the Church. While he was Mayor of NYC, he revoked the Church's St. Patrick Day parade permit because the Church would not allow homosexual floats in a Christian parade. The Church had to go to federal court to get her permit back; Rudy in turn marched in successive 'gay pride' parades which are so lewd they cannot be shown on the evening news.

Ethically, socially, and politically Giuliani is the mirror image of the most debauched elements of the Democrat Party.

We are Christians first, Republicans second. To remain faithful to our Creator, His Laws, and the Culture of Life, we must expose and oppose an enemy like Giuliani.

As well as being a traitor to Eternal Laws, Giuliani is a turncoat to the Republican Party. He wears our uniform, while warring against our most sacred principles and most revered heroes - like Ronald Reagan. Rudy Giuliani is a Benedict Arnold - a traitor - to the core principles or the GOP, and therefore must be stopped.

Some ask: What about Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama?

We must not let our preoccupation with enemies outside the camp blind us to the enemies within. An enemy in the camp can cut our throats, poison our food, or engineer a 'palace coup' - a coup which could be far worse in the long run than the temporary victory of an enemy from without. We must cast out our own demons, then focus on the Democrats.

If devout Christians within the Republican Party sit silently by and Rudy ends up getting the nomination, they will soon find themselves begging for scraps from a tyrants table - or maybe worse. They may find themselves politically homeless, driven into exile by the treacherous they chose to ignore or embrace.

Besides acting decisively, we are praying and fasting for 40 days - beginning today, the Feast of the Holy Innocents when the Church remembers the children slain by Herod . We are asking God to wake the faithful from their stupor, and 'strengthen what remains and is on the point of death...' within the GOP and the religious right. We invite all who recognize our peril to join us.

Those interested in joining our efforts to expose and oppose Giuliani from the New Hampshire primary to Super Tuesday and beyond are invited to call our office at 904-461-0834 for a template of actions that can be easily done in any community in America. All you need is heart!

Randall Terry
President, Society for Truth and Justice; Founder, Operation Rescue.

To Schedule an Interview with Mr. Terry call 904-461-0834