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WellTunes Music Founder is Available for Interviews

Building Happiness, Hope and Well-Being Through Words Put to Music


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MEDIA ADVISORY, April 24 /Christian Newswire/ -- The recent massacre at Virginia Tech reveals that severe depression and profound unhappiness can have horrific consequences.

Although we all seek happiness, why is it that we are ten times more likely to suffer from depression than our grandparents? Having so much more than they did, how did we get to be so unhappy, and how do we change?


Designed by psychologist and radio broadcaster Dr. Roy Vogel, WellTunes Music builds hope, or what Vogel refers to as the "Hope Response". Hope, he says, is essential for happiness and health.


"WellTunes Music is a way to get focused on core beliefs that promote hope. This album provides a structured way to create that much-needed Hope Response," Vogel states.


WellTunes Music takes powerful verses from the Bible and speaks those words over the sound of widely-loved classic hymns.


Researchers at Duke University, including psychiatrist Harold Koenig, have found that religious practices, include Bible-reading, can promote greater health and happiness. Leading psychologists, such as Martin Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania, have conducted extensive research into happiness. "It turns out that a great deal of what modern psychological research has discovered is unintentionally affirming many tenets revealed in the Bible."


South African Grammy-award winning musician Mark Arendse teamed up with Dr. Vogel in producing this first in a three-album series called "WellTunes 2007: Happiness and the Good Life."


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