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Clinton Lawyer Kendal Must Defend Fabricated Statement in Clinton Fraud Suit in Los Angeles Court
Contact: Dan Morgan, Comm. Dir., EJF, 310-341-3206 www.hillcap.org 

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 25 /Christian Newswire/ -- Clinton defense lawyer David Kendall is appearing in an L.A.Superior Courtroom this morning to defend his personal actions in filing a fabricated statement he used in a court brief to quash a multi-milllion dollar business fraud suit against the former president. In November, 2004, the California Supreme Court denied Kendall's appeals to dismiss the case. On April 7, 2006, a trial date of March 27, 2006 was set.

In legal pleadings filed this week in Los Angeles Superior Court, dot com mogul Peter F. Paul's attorneys claimed Kendall misled the court by asserting that Paul had made an admission in another court in March, 2005, that he caused the collapse of his public company with Spider Man creator Stan Lee, Stan Lee Media.

Paul claims that Clinton intentionally caused the collapse of his company in order to avoid a business agreement Clinton entered into with Paul in July, 2000, to work with Paul when Clinton left the White House. Paul has alleged since 2001 that Hillary and Bill Clinton used the promise of Clinton's post White House "Rainmaking" services to induce Paul to become Hillary Clinton's largest 2000 election campaign donor.

Paul's claims that he spent more than $1.2 million for Hillary's senate race were confirmed by the Justice Department and FBI in the trial of Hillary Clinton finance director David Rosen in May, 2005, for election law fraud in hiding Paul's contributions.

In spite of Hillary Clinton's vows through the Washington Post in August, 2000, that she took no money at all from Paul, the Federal Election Commission General Counsel also confirmed Paul's donations in reports that resulted in Clinton's New York Senate 2000 committee admitting in December, 2005, that it filed three false FEC reports hiding more than $720,000 of Paul's contributions.(see www.hillcap.org)

Paul's counsel at US Justice Foundation (www.usjf.net), Colette Wilson asserted that Kendall intentionally misled the court in his brief.  Wilson was quoted by World Net Daily as saying that she believes Kendall's action was "either a deliberate lie or a very cavalier and irresponsible" handling of the facts. Either way, it is a major ethical violation for an officer of the court to make false and misleading statements in pleadings, intentionally or in a grossly negligent manner.

Kendall has refused to comment on the case since his statements to the media that New York Senate 2000 made proper reports to the FEC were shown to be false in the December, 2005 FEC admission of wrongdoing.

Peter Paul, (seen in photo attached in discussions with Bill Clinton at the August 12, 2000 Gala Paul produced for Hillary Clinton's senate race) has stated that "This is a regular tactic used by the Clintons to defend themselves in all judicial proceedings- the Paula Jones civil suit resulting in Bill Clinton's loss of his license to practice law for similar false statements."