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Christian Coalition of Alabama Undergoes Name Change

Contact: John W. Giles, 334-832-4688

MONTGOMERY, Ala., Aug. 23 /Christian Newswire/ -- Today Christian Coalition of Alabama officials announced the formal notice of a name change. In a letter to Roberta Combs dated August 22, 2006, Christian Coalition of Alabama President John Giles stated, “I have been commissioned and authorized by the Board of Directors of the Christian Coalition of Alabama, Inc. to notify you as Chairman and President of the Christian Coalition of America of our plans to change the name of our state organization.” Alabama joins Iowa and Ohio state chapters in the departure as state affiliates of the Christian Coalition of America.

Giles confirmed today, “Our new organization will maintain the same board of directors, officers and staff and will be issues driven based on our long-standing, tried, true and tested mission and tenets that have guided our organization since 1989.”

Our standing mission statement is: “We believe that people of faith have a right and a responsibility to be involved in the world around them; that involvement includes social, community and political action.” The long-standing tenets that bring unity among conservative members of our coalition of Christians are: strengthening the family, protecting innocent human life, returning education to local & parental control, easing the tax burden on families, punishing criminals & defending victims’ rights, protecting young people & our communities from the pollution of pornography and the expansion of gambling, defending the institution of marriage and protecting religious freedom.

“In every major public policy debate, it is almost guaranteed that the liberal forces opposing our view will try to redefine who we are and feverishly attempt to amend our tenets and mission. The Christian Coalition of America has demonstrated by their actions in word and in deed a desire to drift from our founding tenets. The Christian Coalition of America has left us, we have not left them,” Giles concluded.

CCA Board of Directors is currently developing a new name and logo for the state operation, which will be unveiled on or before November 1, 2006. Giles continues, “A name change was our last resort. We will march forward and continue the mission to educate voters in Alabama with 1.7 million voter guides covering 93 Alabama races. We will engage our 1,900 volunteers to register voters, educate voters and turn them out on Election Day.” Giles letter to Combs concluded with the following statement, “We all deeply love and have served the mission of the Christian Coalition with our heart, soul, reputations and finances. We must now preserve the mission of the Christian Coalition by this departure.”