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The Peoples Online Stores Addresses the Whole Person

Contact: Howard Eugene Wright, 620-625-2660

YATES CENTER, Kan., April 10, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Howard Eugene Wright, the manager of The Peoples Online Stores, saw the need to address the whole person when doing business on the Internet. In October 2013, he started setting up The Peoples Online Stores. After months of unsuccessful starts, he has constructed a customer friendly, customer centered, customer needs fulfillment, first-class, niche based, online galaxy of stores.

His reason for such stores was to give people more than wasted dreams. Thus, these stores are designed to help people live the American dream to the full. He started with security stores to address the basic need for self-preservation. The Peoples Online Security Store is a retail store. The Peoples Online B2B Security Depot is a wholesale store for businesses. Other stores are in the planning stage to address other basic needs.

There are many features that address the whole person at The Peoples Online Stores. Top priority is given to moral and spiritual needs. The customer is King. The customer's safety is placed above personal gain. There are very strict guidelines as to who can buy pepper sprays and stun guns from these stores that are listed in their Terms and Conditions of Use. In each store, there is a Loyalty Voucher Program where the more a customer buys the more (s)he gets back. These stores have three levels of security with three convenient ways to buy products. Surveillance systems can be customized. Getting help on a technical problem is just a phone call away. These security stores are only available in the USA.

"Too much attention to details can cause you to miss the big beautiful pictures in life." -- Howard Eugene Wright

Our manager, Howard Eugene Wright, has had many years of experiences serving people as a pastor, a counselor, a talk show host, a Christian author, a conference speaker and worker in Uganda, E. Africa. You may contact him at 620-203-1891 or hwright20@cox.net. He is available for talk show interviews, a conference speaker or a teacher in workshops.