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Former Virginia Lt. Governor Nominee Launches National Movement to Protect Rights of Christians

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NORFOLK, Va., Oct. 15, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Bishop E.W. Jackson, Harvard educated Attorney, Minister and last year's Virginia Republican Nominee for Lt. Governor has launched a national movement to protect Christians from "growing hostility, discrimination and anti-Christian bigotry." He has produced a video addressing the issue: youtu.be/oIl2O9SzzoA.

As a first step, today Jackson officially launched the UNITY PETITION FOR RELIGIOUS AND CIVIL RIGHTS. This effort is inspired by increasing concern that pastors, churches and Christians who believe marriage is a union between one man and one woman, face violations of their First Amendment rights.

He points to incidents involving Christian business owners who ended up in court and in the national news because they refused to participate or provide service for same sex ceremonies. Elane Photography of New Mexico was ordered to pay $7000 in legal fees to two lesbians who sued to force them to photograph their gay ceremony. Says the Bishop, "The First Amendment rights of Christian citizens are being trampled to validate same sex relationships. The subpoena of Pastors' sermons by the gay Mayor of Houston this week is just another example of the gross violations of Christians' Constitutional Rights."

The fight to protect marriage is unifying Christians in "an unprecedented way," says the Bishop. "The Unity Petition is gaining support in Catholic and protestant communities and bringing together traditional black Pastors, Hispanics and evangelicals."

Every signer is asked to take the "Pledge to Vote." Christians are being urged to vote for candidates who uphold traditional marriage, the sanctity of life, the First Amendment right of religious conscience and "the Judeo-Christian values which are the foundation of our nation."

The effort is being sponsored by STAND, and supported by a Coalition of organizations called "Christians Vote." The petitions will be presented to the new Congress as a message that Christian voters have had enough and expect their rights to be protected.

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Video - youtu.be/oIl2O9SzzoA