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'Written by the Hand of Moses' Wrist and Finger Digits Along with 'Pen' Spelling 'Mosheh' Identified Upon Bronze Age 'Vessel of Purification'

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ESCONDIDO, Calif., June 1 /Christian Newswire/ -- Amazingly the ancient expression, "written by the hand of Moses" the word picture is now also an historical find. The physical evidence of a hand with a writing instrument is distinctly drawn upon this ancient Bronze Age vessel. Within the Paleo-Hebrew encrypted message, the artistic anatomy of a wrist along with each digit displayed along with the necessary "pen" is drawn. It is believe that the prophet Moses gave the sign that physically formed the unique evidence of artistic expression showing a hand with a writing instrument as the author of the entire piece of art.

Scholars Rabbi and Rebbetzin Ben-Hayil Yellen have identified an historical document having a distinct description of the Paleo-Hebrew message written on the Stone-Vessel of Purification, along with the significant landmarks and this vessel's ceremonial usage within the healing outreach as instructed by Moses for the East Gate Sanctuary. Sharply departing from the traditional scholarship using only Roman traditional dictionaries, this study has used the Aramaic language resources used for thousands of years by the Jewish scholars.

This investigation has led to an ancient Aramaic manuscript of the book of "Gli-na" meaning "The Jubilee Bride Vessel" commonly known as "Revelation." Within a close examination of the original text, the mystical imagery of beasts with multiple heads and horns are absent. The pertinent written details of the Peshitta describe the ancient Vessel of Purification revealing the written Paleo-Hebrew message confirming an intimate knowledge of what ancient Hebrews knew about this vessel.

The ancient historical "Peshitta-text" was written nearly two thousand years ago in Aramaic by Hebrews under Roman occupation. Historically, the Peshitta has been controlled by the scholars untutored in the Aramaic language but trained within the Roman systems of language. Those under Roman occupation nearly 2,000 years ago most brilliantly wrote an encoded Hebrew message as to the religious empire of oppression that has martyred millions of people in the last two millennia with mistranslated orders that have consistently fueled a bloody inquisition of religious hatred and intolerance.

The current Peshitta translations do not reflect the original Aramaic writings including the current Greek Received Text. Pertinent apparent discrepancies of the Greek translations are erased when the text is read as an Aramaic Hebrew original in a brilliant encoded masterpiece of preserving Hebrew heritage and the writings of Moses. For centuries scholars have been slumbering over 'Hebraisms' that would have told a healing message of comfort instead of the current translation's graphic scarlet woman imagery.

This ancient manuscript translates smoothly of a "Great City" now identified as needing a Divine rescue from faithlessness and interestingly, the inferior scholars. In the Aramaic text reveals words pictures such as: 'white clouds', 'rain like hail pouring down', 'belt of grass,' the 'strong red spot,' the 'scrapings from the inner hollowed out of the Stone-Vessel' which are a segment of the stone-vessel, all of these are descriptions coming out of the book of Revelation 17.

The message given to Yochanan Bar-Zabdai modernly called "John Son of Zebadiah, the Revelator" was NOT given a pornographic image of a harlot mother of Babylon but instead reflects what Moses wrote concerning to the harvest gathering for each of the children of Abraham restoring the Divine healing instructions of Tikkun Olam – "to Heal the World". The Aramaic Peshitta in Revelation 17:1-13 describes with its written strong warnings, that the woman of destruction would change the instructions of "Yah's Law" as written by "the hand of Moses". The entire warning message offers hope to those consuming fermented drink becoming intoxicated and constipated, those diseased people are kindly re-directed back to the "flax stone-vessel" of purification healing. This expression indicated the "flax scarlet reeds" that would be delivered within a scarlet mantle as the Elijah Messenger reminds people of the writings of Moses and the time of judgment of the living.

When the prophet Moses returned from the Mount Sinai, he viewed and interpreted the Law given by the GOD of Abraham to the children of the Exodus. The ancient children of the Exodus were entered into a marriage contract at that time by the best man, the prophet Moses witnessing the betrothal vow of Almighty GOD, Creator of all. The Spiritual betrothal was broken by the golden calf worship yet the solution was already provided by the GOD of Abraham for the remedy of the red heifer "Parah" ceremony "Numbers 19". Many have misunderstood the passage thinking that the prophet Moses in a fit of anger made the children of Israel drink the golden calf. The original Hebrew writings state "the heifer that was prepared," indicating that it was the remedy for the unfaithful wife (Israel) "Numbers 5". The next major golden calf apostasy for the children of Israel was at the time of Elijah, the prophet. The Divine decreed remedy for rescue of the marriage was provided to the prophets to implement the red heifer ashes ceremony within the earthen stone-vessel of purification. These two witnesses are specific with the prophecy of "Malachi 4:4".

What does this archeological finding reveal for us at this time of history? It is time for the bride (the Children of Abraham) to get herself ready for the groom, Messiah Ben-David. Who is this Messiah? The Elijah Messenger will reveal the true identity of the Messiah. Messiah Ben-David as a vessel chosen to build the House of proper worship for all nations and peoples is announced by the Elijah Messenger. The ancient vessel of purification known as the "Cli" was identified by the ancient prophets to be "the tool of Almighty GOD" which purpose was to identify confusion and explain the truth. This "battle axe" is distinctly part of the message drawn upon the ancient Vessel of Purification. The ancient vessel of purification pointed to the coming Messiah Ben-Yosef and Messiah Ben-David by revealing the true harvest instrument. The harvest instrument was The Message written by "the hand of Moses" to tell the people that their Creator loved them, to leave idolatry and embrace His covenant relationship. The modern evidences found concerning the Stone-Vessel of Purification reflects the two witnesses: The red mantle of the Prophet Elijah that was wrapped around the Stone-Vessel of Purification and the hand of the Prophet Moses as physically depicted on the Stone-Vessel of Purification. These evidences were given to Dr. Heidi Crawford while in Buraimi Oasis of United Arab Emirates and Oman's unmarked territory in 1987 with the Divine command twice out of Heaven "Heidi, these are the people that I have called you to serve, DO NOT FORGET!" The two witnesses have given us their testimony from the Holy Hebrew Scriptures. Will the modern generation believe that the Stone Vessel of Purification is a fulfillment of prophecy? Indeed, the covering up of healing instructions by not following rules of etymology has allowed a storyline that does not exist in the original writings. The Peshitta-text has specifically warned that the rulers and governments of the 4 kingdoms of Daniel 2 would be the ones to change the teachings of Yah. The gift of detailed health instructions were given to these ancient Hebrews that used a vessel (Leviticus 15, Numbers 5 and 19). The modern analysis of the bronze aged stone-vessel of purification has revealed insights into the medical world of the people during the great Exodus.

For all seeking to know "what was really written by the ancient Hebrews" under Roman occupation and what message of healing has been identified upon the earthen vessel and the success of reversing the incurable in modern clinical trials, please view our webpage at: www.eliyahuarrival.com