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Why is a Senator Really in a Famous Madam's Address Book?

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MEDIA ADVISORY, July 10 /Christian Newswire/ -- Why would a seemingly happily married man use a secret (or so he thought!) service for a little afternoon delight? Sex is one of the most powerful forces in our society.  We all know of at least one man for whom sex was the catalyst of their downfall.  From salesmen to senators, from mechanics to mayors and from plumbers to presidents, men from all walks of life have used escort agencies. It can be because of a loss of intimacy in their relationship, the chance to escape reality and be somebody else for a short amount of time, or the simply irresistible draw of a no-strings attached roll in the hay. The reasons one might use an escort service are as varied as the men who use them.

INTERVIEW: "The Cop and The Madam" -- yep, a real life detective married to one of the nation's most notorious Madams! Think that makes for some interesting stories? These two are hilarious together. Their real names are CHAD and ROBYN LINK. They have been grabbing headlines since their unlikely relationship went public. They have the real answers from an insider's perspective! They know when news breaks about public figures using escort agencies, it leaves some men squirming!