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Chrisagis Brothers Taking New Ground for Jesus

Contact: Lynda Sullivan, 740-859-2344

YORKVILLE, Ohio, April 18, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Chrisagis Brothers ( Brian & Shawn ) have been traveling the world for years. The brothers have done much TV, Radio, and even a line of children's books and toys. They have recorded 5 CD's of their music and have really been living out of the BOX when it comes to what they will do next.

Brian and Shawn have formed a NEW team of musicians and vocalists and will soon start doing variety shows in theaters and churches again. The brothers have done many variety shows and always put a lot of creative comedy in the concerts because it allows people to put their walls down and to receive the message. The Bible makes it clear that laughter is a medicine and if that is true then the roller coaster ride of emotions that people get from the concerts the brothers do is MEDICINE for the entire body.

The brothers have had many lies written about them and many critics because in ministry the Chrisagis Brothers have always kept their team and their co-workers accountable and every group that they have ever had after they break up have always turned ugly over accountability. This hasn't stopped the brothers and all the terrible websites that have said lies about them over the past few years the brothers believe if the world did the same to Jesus... they called Him all kinds of things and He never defended Himself.

The brothers have learned that in this life the ones who are lied about and slandered about are the ones God has called to greater service for Him. The Chrisagis Brothers will keep on serving and taking over land for Jesus while counting it all JOY in the midst of the storms we all face daily. Greater things are yet to come. The brothers will be doing a tour in the summer with their music ministry so be watching for them in your area.