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The Real Danger of Same-Sex Marriage

“The Howard Center For Family, Religion and Society publishes a new essay in The Family in America which reveals the undermining of traditional marriage and how it threatens not only the family and social stability, but civil freedom.”


Contact: Larry Jacobs, The Howard Center, 513-515-3685 voice or text, 1-800-461-3113, larry@profam.org


MEDIA ADVISORY, July 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- How does gay marriage undermine the social function marriage serves?   The author of “The Real Danger of Same-Sex Marriage,” Stephen Baskerville, traces the answer to the destruction of heterosexual marriage.  The article appears in the latest edition of The Family in America (Issue 5/6,Volume 20), a monthly periodical edited by Allan Carlson and covering family issues since 1987.


Taking a fresh look at the gay-marriage debate, “The Real Danger of Same-Sex Marriage” concisely traces the destruction of marriage and parent-child relations through the history of American family law.  Revealing the dangerous intermingling of state and private affairs, the essay details numerous cases where government agencies have stripped children from the arms of loving parents under the guise of unsubstantiated child abuse allegations and involuntary divorce trials.  Consequently, parents’ once absolute right to parenthood is stripped from their hands and marriage is reduced to a formality.  


Marriage’s primary purposes are for procreation and the rearing of children.  Due to the sterile nature of homosexual unions, the issue of gay adoption is closely tied to gay marriage.  This radical innovation shifts marriage’s focus from providing for the needs of children to securing the rights of adults to marry, create families through raising someone else’s children.  It also means creating families which must raise someone else’s children.  The author thus concludes, “It is parents—not gay parents, but parents generally—who are being besieged by an increasingly repressive state apparatus and denied basic due process protection.”  


A copy of The Family in America with Stephen Baskerville’s article “The Real Danger of Same-Sex Marriage” may be requested by phone at 1-800-461-3113 ($2 for shipping & handling) or accessed online at www.profam.org.  Annual subscriptions to the monthly periodical, Family in America (including the monthly supplement New Research), is available for a $25 membership fee (www.profam.org/THC/thc_member.htm).  


For more information or to arrange an interview please contact Larry Jacobs at larry@profam.org or (cell) 513-515-3685.


The Family in America, a monthly periodical founded in 1987, analyzes the status of the family in this nation and time.  It seeks to clarify the importance of the family in binding generation to generation, inspiring love and intimacy in the home, and fostering industry and lawfulness within the broader community.  Feature essays explore such issues as family policy, marriage, divorce courts, pro-family taxes, the depopulation crisis, family-owned businesses, the day care crisis and economic pressures on young families.  It has become a regular fixture in the hearts and minds of leading opinion makers.  As one experienced pro-family leader has said, “The Family in America should be required reading for everyone interested in the pro-family movement.” Also included with The Family in America, is the monthly supplement, New Research.  Each month New Research features ten to twelve readable abstracts from professional journals in the field of sociology, psychology, medicine, law, anthropology, and history.  These cast light on the vital importance of the natural family and the serious consequences that derive its decline.