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Pastors and Leaders Are You Facing 'The Big Lie' -- When You Think You Have No More Reason to Hope?
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KISSIMMEE, Fla., April 25, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Headline news and recent surveys indicate a growing epidemic: 1500 pastors leave ministry each month due to moral failure, spiritual burnout, or contention in their churches; 50 percent of pastors' marriages end in divorce; 50 percent of pastors would leave ministry if they had any other way to make a living.

Multi-book author Lauren Myers in LEADING EFFECTIVELY WHEN EVERYTHING SAYS QUIT offers life-sized stories of how pastors/leaders can get beyond the "pedestal principle" and accusing voices in their head: Am I really called? Who am I fooling? This is simply not working out, maybe I should just pack it in.

Pastor Myers shares how God equips leaders for the greater purposes of His Kingdom work. "Like Moses, you may be meek, not feel like a capable communicator, or see yourself as possessing imperfections. God knew you when He called you; yet, He still did," assures the author. We are reminded: "God's mandate on our lives must trump earthly approval. God knew the challenges you would face, and God is rooting for you. He is saying, I know you, I called you, and you can do this. You can pastor effectively when everything and everyone around you says quit. You can lead when falsely accused, and you are judged and sentenced based on another person's half of the story."

Every leader will be challenged by naysayers -- especially in times of economic hardship. Remember: There is no budget so small you can do nothing at all. Turn the question around and ask: What can we afford? And then act! The author's challenge: "Whatever small steps are within your power to take, take them. And by all means: Keep the vision alive."

This highly readable, life-changing book contains practical details showing what works and what doesn't. Self-reflection questions end each chapter.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lauren E. Myers, a 20-year career registered nurse, is an active teacher, missionary, author, evangelist, and pastor's wife. They have served pastorates in Jamaica, the Virgin Islands, and Florida. She's taught and preached in India, Canada, Mexico, and the West Indies. Contact the author at: laurenmyers339@gmail.com.

Leading Effectively When Everything Says Quit, available now in paperback (ISBN: 978-0-9853443-2-0), Kindle, Nook, Amazon, and New Sound Publishing:

Submitted by: Elaine Wright Colvin, WIN Communications, at 206-234-7587 or elaine.wincommunications@gmail.com