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Voter Fraud and Felonies Brought by Lawless Illegal Immigrants

Contact: Phil Magnan, Director, Biblical Family Advocates, 619-962-0659, phil@bfamilyadvocates.com

SAN DIEGO, May 18 /Christian Newswire/ -- Biblical Family Advocates recently posted a press release, regarding the illegal immigration movement that feels entitled to come to America illegally without regard for the laws of America, creating a culture of lawlessness which teaches their children to disobey God's commandments.

More evidence of this lawless culture are seen in an article, "EXCLUSIVE: Hundreds of Illegal's Have Registered to Vote in Bexar County", which reveals widespread voter fraud in the hundreds, committed by illegal aliens. One only has to wonder how prevalent this practice is in other major cities around America, especially in the light of a coming Presidential election.

"It is simply amazing that proponents of illegal immigration are building their future on deceit, fraud and disobeying the laws of the land based on their sense of entitlement, which is another form of covetousness which God calls sin and idolatry. Evidence of their lawless culture are seen in statistics which show that 1 in 5 people, in our prison system are illegal immigrants and some estimates describe up to half of California's prison population as illegal immigrants, putting enormous economic pressure on the prison system at taxpayer expense." Says Phil Magnan, Director of Biblical Family Advocates

"To make matters worse there are many well meaning churches and pastors who are giving sanctuary to illegal aliens when they should be calling them to repentance. Many Pastors have adopted a view that being kind to strangers entitles the stranger to disobey the authorities and steal the hard earned livings of American citizens. These kinds of church polices are hardly loving your neighbor as yourself. I implore those who pity the alien and the stranger to demand that the Mexican government cease from its own corruption and oppression in the name of Jesus Christ, instead of aiding a culture of anarchy in our own country."