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Christian Network Says: 'Quality Programming Near Impossible to Find Because the Church Has Become So Apostate - Sharpton and Jackson Are Good Examples'

Contact: Steve McFarland, Spirit 1 Broadcasting, 716-566-9981

MEDIA ADVISORY, April 13 /Christian Newswire/ -- Spirit 1 Broadcasting has been on the air for about three years. We are a last days ministry devoted to the truth of the scriptures. Recently we went satellite with the radio and are planning expansion to Satellite TV. The cost of Satellite is high and finding ministers who are not apostate to fill the empty slots is a nightmare!

A spokesman for Spirit 1 Christian Broadcasting says, "The Lord put it in my heart to broadcast the truth and not let money be an issue - but finding preachers and teachers who stand by God's Word is like looking for a grain of sand in an ocean!  If we were simply looking for ministers to fill the empty slots - we would have no problem. Some good examples of a poor example is the recent termination of Don Imus by CBS. Here we have two ministers - Reverends, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson; these ministers are looking for limelight by threatening CBS executives they will hold a rally over comments made by Don Imus. I agree," said the spokesman - "that what Imus said was wrong and appeared to be very racial - he may even have deserved termination, but he at least attempted to say he was sorry!"

The Spirit 1 spokesman went on to say, "Sharpton and Jackson seem to be more interested in publicity than scripture! There is nothing wrong with ethnic pride, nor standing up for what is right – but I don't see them holding rallies over some of the programming CBS or any other network has on the air that seem to promote things that the bible strictly prohibits! However, since Don Imus is in the top 25 of radio talk show hosts and there was such publicity over this issue - Sharpton steps up to the plate and Jackson jumped follows behind, seeing an opportunity for free publicity - rather than set the example of the forgiveness that Jesus taught!"

As Christians we are supposed to do as Jesus taught - that is to forgive. As ministers - we set the example for our followers. What kind of example, from a biblical standing, are these two ministers setting? If we are true believers - we should pray for Sharpton and Jackson - as well as the many other apostate preachers who have seemingly lost their focus on Christ.

The spokesman concluded by saying, "We have days to fill the empty slots on the radio and TV - but looking at the state that the church is in - I am not sure that we can do it if we had months to do it in!" "The radio slots most anyone can afford - but most of the ministers that can afford the TV slots are the last ones we would consider - they have built big churches and have plenty of cash on hand - but have forgotten the real word of God. We pray we can fill these slots up in the next few days to a week! Please keep us in prayer!"