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Want a Unique Gift Idea? Think Food Safety

Contact: Urainua Smith, Magna Medical Services, Inc., 407-339-1130, 407-260-9094


ORLANDO, Nov. 24 /Christian Newswire/ -- Just in time for the holidays, Magna introduced today the first ever food home test kits to the world market. Magna expects the product to be a leading stocking stuffer in homes across the United States. The kits come with two (2) E.coli and (2) Salmonella test strips, buffer solution, and instructions. The instructions come in English, Spanish, or French.


“Given the recent outbreak in food borne illnesses the applications for this product will be far reaching” says MMS General Manager Robert Greene “It a great feeling to know that your product can save lives.” The test kits cost $19.95 and can alert people concerned about food to levels of harm within minutes, instead of the routine 2 – 5 days it takes to verify contamination from lab culture samples. The product can be purchased online at www.foodtestingstrips.com and through local and international distributors.


Recent outbreaks of Salmonella and E. Coli, caused by industry contamination and improper home cooking procedures, have contributed to severe illness among consumers worldwide. The product is good for home, church functions, carnivals, potlucks, foreign travel and anywhere food is served.


Salmonella bacteria, found in meat, and animal waste, particularly poultry, causes food poisoning in humans. Proper handling and cooking procedures prevent harmful infection from poultry which naturally contains salmonella. The MMS Salmonella strip can detect 50 of the most common and deadliest strains. The strips are submerged in food samples, if the organism is present the strip will change color.


Escherichia coli (usually abbreviated to E. coli) is one of the many species of bacteria that is naturally found in the lower intestines of warm-blooded animals. “There are literally thousands of varieties of E.Coli, and the most common and deadliest strains have been included such as E.coli 103 and 0157:H7 for detection in the instant E.Coli strip” says Greene.


Magna Medical Services, Inc, a trusted provider of drug testing and screening products who recently expanded to include tests for safety, health, and sanitation, has been chosen to manage the sales and distribution worldwide.


For more information, visit www.foodtestingstrips.com or contact Urainua Smith at Magna Medical Services, Inc. 1 407-339-1130 or 1 407-260-9094 or by FAX 1 407-260-9951