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Christian Coalition Commends President Bush's Strong Support for Israel/Urges American Help in Destroying Hezbollah Once and For All

Contact: Michele Combs, Christian Coalition, 202-479-6900


WASHINGTON, July 18 /Christian Newswire/ -- Christian Coalition of America commends President George W. Bush for his unfailing and courageous support for the State of Israel in its latest war against the Israel-hating terrorist movement, specifically this time against Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists.   These criminals have terrorized the Middle East for far too long and that must and will come to an end.  If American fighter power is necessary to help Israel eliminate the Hezbollah threat in southern Lebanon, so be it.  Christian Coalition supports all actions by the Bush Administration to eliminate the terrorist threat from Hezbollah once and for all. 
Roberta Combs, the President of Christian Coalition of America said, "In February 2004, New York Democrat Congressman Jerrold Nadler -- who was 1 block from a terrorist bombing in Jerusalem when it occurred -- said, "How can you question the necessity of whatever security measures Israel takes?"  President Bush is following a commonsense approach as he wholeheartedly supports the State of Israel, which is seeking to eliminate Hezbollah as a terrorist threat in Lebanon and elsewhere.  After months of rocket attacks by Hezbollah and Hamas on Israel's territory and the kidnapping of 3 Israeli soldiers, first by Hamas and then by Hezbollah, Israel is just doing what is needed to protect itself, with whatever means is necessary, just as the United States has the right to protect itself." 
The Israeli government was correct when it said two years ago that its security fence is a defense against suicide bombers and Israel is right now to throw its full military power against the Hezbollah terrorists until they release the two Israeli soldiers they kidnapped and until Hezbollah destroys its stockpile of what's left of 13,000 rockets, one thousand of which have been hurled at Israel during the past week purposely killing civilians including innocent children.   These brutal terrorists, and their client states of Iran and Syria, want to destroy democracy in the Middle East and Western society as a whole and they all must be stopped.