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JonBenet Ramsey: Why Won't the Major Media Tell You Her Parents' Evilest Secrets

Contact: Wiley Drake, 714-865-8132

BUENA PARK, Calif., Sept. 5 /Christian Newswire/ -- Dr. Wiley Drake to interview investigative reporter Doug Millar, about his investigation of the JonBenet Ramsey case.  Listen to the interview live Wednesday, September 6, 9:00 - 10:00AM Pacific Time at www.crusaderadio.com.

With dozens of nationally prominent references, Millar investigated JonBenet Ramsey's murder.  He'll reveal startling issues never reported publicly before.  Why was this six-year-old forced to act promiscuously on stages by her disturbed mother who told an employee that she didn't like sex?

Could it be that Atlanta, Boulder, CO & Petaluma, CA have many more dark issues in common than Karr & pedophiles?  All females should use this tragic family's plight to mobilize protection for all children!  Most parent's couldn't eat the whole onion; so we've waited seven years to report it!  Why did Millar investigate JohnBenet's murder in Boulder, Colorado, three years later, and in San Luis Obispo, five years after her savage murder?

Do you agree that it is past time to build a coalition to protect all children, like they're your own?  Should Christian churches lay aside our differences & show God's/Jesus' power working through us?

Jon Mark Karr
If raised by an evil parent/grandparent, do you suspect that you'd be evil?  "There but for the grace of God...!"  Before disclosing the Ramseys'darkest secrets, we'll review three weekly publications everyone needs to read ro inspire their rage and justice for all children.  Sept. 4th issues of Globe, The National Enquirer and People.  Each exposes different layers of Karr's admittedly Satan-controlled mind.  Without those facts, many people won't accept the irrefutable Ramsey facts.