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New Marriage Resources in 2007: 20 Tough Marriage Questions Answered

Contact: Abigail Smith, National Institute of Marriage, 417-335-5882, abigail@nationalmarriage.com


HOLLISTER, Missouri, May 31 /Christian Newswire/ -- Over the past seven years, the National Institute of Marriage has served thousands of couples through their Intensive Programs. Unlike traditional counseling, these programs have become known as one of the most powerful marriage tools in restoring couple's relationships across the country. Known for their group settings and important focus on "caring for yourself " in order to have what it takes to make a relationship great, these Intensive Programs are a highly successful method of restoring marriages.


Many couples come to NIM's Intensive Programs as a "last ditch effort" to save their marriage. While each couple's experience is different, many leave with the same restored hope. One quote from an Intensive Participant best describes this, "Due to an affair, our marriage was hanging on by a thread. Our divorce papers had been filed and we had already agreed on a property settlement. Your Intensive was a last ditch effort! Today our marriage is thriving! Our needs were met and exceeded!"


With over 99% of the individuals in attendance indicating that NIM's Intensive Program has made a difference for them personally, the National Institute of Marriage proves to be an effective tool for couples in crisis. As NIM's team of marriage experts guide each couple through past hurt, revealing barriers in their marriage, walls of frustration and anger can begin to crumble.


For many couples, NIM's programs act as a relational toolkit; giving them the resources and help they need to thrive in their marriage. "In the course of a few days, amazing things happen. We don't know what the changes will look like going into an Intensive, but we never cease to be amazed at how God shows up, and couples'' hearts begin to change." states Tricia Cunningham, Intensive Therapist and Director of Follow-up Resources. As NIM continues to grow and expand, they are now offering additional resources that can be found online at www.nationalmarriage.com, which includes 20 new videos featuring some of the most difficult questions couples ask as they come through the Intensive Programs answered by three of NIM's highly skilled therapists. Questions include, "What can I do to get my wife to initiate sex?" and "I've had an affair, should I tell my spouse about it?" These new videos offer insight for couples on how to better communicate within their marriage. Click here to view videos: http://www.nationalmarriage.com/videomarriagefaqs.asp


While these resources are available online to the general public, both the audio and video footage is available, free of charge for any media outlet that would like to use it. Whether filling a radio spot with a marriage minute, or adding these videos to your website, NIM is pleased to be able to share these outstanding resources within the media community.


If you are interested in learning more about NIM's newest resource or to request a full PR packet, please e-mail abigail@nationalmarriage.com or call 1-417-335-5882 and ask to speak with Abigail Smith, NIM's PR Coordinator.