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Teen Says: 'Sky Angel Rocks!'

Contact: Nancy Christopher, Vice President, Corporate Communications, Sky Angel/Dominion Video Satellite Inc., 239-403-9130 Ex. 213, Nancy.christopher@skyangel.com


NAPLES, Fla., May 3 /Christian Newswire/ -- While the Federal Communications Commission, through the release of its report on TV violence last week, recommends government regulation of violent television programming, Sky Angel, a national TV operator, has been providing for more than 10 years to many families across America the desire of their hearts: a multi-channel television alternative free from gratuitous violence and sex.


"Sky Angel's goal is to create a positive and uplifting television atmosphere for those seeking programming that is much more in tune with their values," said Rob Johnson, CEO for Dominion Video Satellite Inc., owner-operator of the Sky Angel multi-channel television service. "Some of our customers have Sky Angel exclusively, while others have it along with another television service so that wholesome and Christian faith-based programming is always just a remote control click away."


Following is a sample of the many comments Sky Angel has received from viewers all over America showing the positive impact that a faith-based and family-friendly television environment can have on individuals and families:


"I'm a teen, and I think Sky Angel is awesome. When I originally heard about Sky Angel from a guy in his sixties, I honestly thought, Sky Angel is for old people. But when I heard from a friend that it's pretty cool, I decided to check it out for myself. My friend was right. Sky Angel rocks!" – Jess


"I've had Sky Angel programming for about two years now, and I am so glad I got it when I did. My 14-year-old daughter watches TVU instead of mainstream music videos, and I am convinced that if I had not had Sky Angel the last two years she would just be another teen hooked on MTV. Thanks Sky Angel! So glad to have encouraging programming to watch." – Marianne


"We have had Sky Angel for about 10 years. We have five kids (8 years old to 22 years old). We subscribed to Sky Angel so that our family would be exposed to clean programming and Christian values. Clearly, Sky Angel is impacting our lives in a way that will have eternal consequences. Thank you." – Kenny


"The contrast of (Sky) Angel and the other satellite and cable operators clearly demonstrates how far into the gutter TV has gone. The networks are as guilty if not guiltier as the cable/satellite channels. It seems as if there is a race to see who can get filthier faster. Thank God we have a standard to contrast the others by." – Ken & Barbara  


"My wife and I brought a child into this world and decided to give Sky Angel a try in response to all the garbage on regular TV. We now enjoy spinning the channels in front of her impressionable mind while watching shows that enforce our beliefs." – Bob


"I have a family of six... My husband and I love the fact that instead of my children being exposed to commercials that promote society's skewed views, they are now seeing a godly perspective. Thank you so much for providing this type of programming in a world that is becoming more and more corrupt." – The H. Family


"I have been going through a tough time in my life, but no matter what time I turn Sky Angel on, I get encouraged." – Chris


"Thank you for showing programs that are entertaining and educational for our whole family." – Mrs. C.


Sky Angel® is a Christian-owned multi-channel television service committed to faith-based and family programming. Serving the contiguous 48 United States, certain U.S. territories and Canada, Sky Angel can be added to an existing television service or received exclusively. Owned and operated by Dominion Video Satellite Inc., Sky Angel delivers into U.S. homes, churches and businesses over 30 TV and radio channels of quality Christian programming, popular family entertainment and 24-hour news for $14.99/month. A free DVD about Sky Angel and its U.S. service is available at www.skyangel.com or (800) 759-2643 (800-SKY-ANGEL).