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Katja Porsch and Peter Brandl Speak Out About the COVID Crisis, Their Story, and Our Challenge
Relentless Entertainment
April 23, 2020

LOS ANGELES, April 23, 2020 /Christian Newswire/ -- Three months ago, it started with a big dream. A successful motivational speaker, author, and founder of the Doer Movement in Germany, along with her husband, a much sought-after management consultant and strategist to corporate leaders like Airbus, Porsche, Red Bull, Siemens, and Deutsche Bank, had a vision to bring their German 'precision and engineering' to help people in America achieve their goals and dreams.

Everything started well. The U.S. based LLC was formed, a book was written, business meetings and negotiations with television and movie producers were well underway – but on March 9th, everything changed. There was a crisis in China with a relatively unknown virus. A few European countries were struggling with it, but no one expected that it would become a worldwide pandemic. Peter flew back to meet with clients and attend to a number of speaking engagements in Germany. Three days later, the travel ban for all non-U.S. citizens was announced and intercontinental flights were cancelled. As a result, Peter has been in Berlin and Katja in Los Angeles. 6,000 miles apart, connected only through Skype and Zoom.

Their business stopped, but their desire to overcome the challenges they faced, and that we all face, had not. From Katja and Peter's perspective, they share, "Together, we decided that we want to offer people hope and help. We can't change the circumstances. We can't influence what is happening right now or what the course of the crisis will be. But we can change how we deal with it! Success is nothing but a decision. We decide if we grow in a crisis or if we fail. We decide whether we are in control of our lives or if life controls us." According to Peter, "This message is more important now than ever. People need help. People need advice. People need strategies and tools to meet the needs of this 'new world' that will be there after we overcome this crisis. And that is what we're offering."

About We Will Thrive
Katja and Peter have reached out to some of the most successful and influential thought leaders across the globe. They will join forces for a 4 Week Thrive Challenge culminating with a 24-Hour Inspirational Marathon, with all proceeds going to charity. For information, visit

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