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Americans For Truth Assails Pro-Gay Left's Anti-Christian Bigotry in Campaign Against Dr. James Holsinger for U.S. Surgeon General

Contact: Peter LaBarbera, president, Americans For Truth, 630-717-7631


NAPERVILLE, Ill., July 12 /Christian Newswire/ -- Americans For Truth President Peter LaBarbera today condemned the anti-Christian bigotry that has fueled the pro-"gay" Left’s campaign against Dr. James Holsinger, President Bush's nominee for U.S. Surgeon General, who appears today before the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committee.


Homosexual activists have honed in on a 1991 paper, "Pathophysiology of Male Homosexuality," that Dr. Holsinger wrote outlining the health risks of homosexual practices -- and his church's belief that homosexuals can leave that lifestyle -- as the core evidence of his alleged "homophobia" disqualifying him from the job as the nation's top doctor.


"Are we prepared to hang a sign on the doors of government that says, 'Christians Need Not Apply'?" LaBarbera said. "How ironic that the same homosexual activists who for years have complained about job discrimination are now willing to victimize and slander Dr. Holsinger -- using appeals to secular bigots -- to deny him a government position.

"Dr. Holsinger is an eminently qualified physician who also happens to be a Christian who believes that homosexuals -- like all sinners -- can leave their errant ways behind through Christ's power.  For the Secular Left, I suppose that disqualifies him from public service," LaBarbera said. "Will any candidate who has stated publicly that homosexual behavior is wrong and changeable now be denied an opportunity to serve in government?"


LaBarbera cited a recent e-alert by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force as evidence of the Left's escalating prejudice against people of faith. The e-alert warns that Dr. Holsinger is "a founder of the Hope Springs Community Church, which provided ex-gay ministry service to 'convert' people to heterosexuality."

"How sad that we have reached the point where fidelity to historic, orthodox Biblical teachings is being used to attack candidates for government service," he said. 

Noting that the Task Force, like most homosexual organizations, did not supply a web link to Holsinger's 1991 paper, "Pathophysiology of Male Homosexuality," LaBarbera said, "Even as they condemn and distort this paper, 'gay' activists are afraid that people will read it. They are desperate to hide the truth that homosexual behavior, especially for males, is very unhealthy."

Americans for Truth is dedicated to exposing and opposing organized homosexuality in America.