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Dealing with Depression? - TV Episode Offers an Answer
Contact: Dave Christiano, 321-961-7774, dc@christianfilms.com, 7thStreetTheater.com

NASHVILLE, Aug. 14, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- A severely depressed 29 year-old woman calls in a late night radio talk show. She is single and a Christian, but feels like God doesn't hear her prayers or help in any way! What does the talk show host tell her?

That's the scenario writer Dave Christiano set up with "On The Air," a special dramatic episode from the TV series, 7th Street Theater.

"What do you tell a person like that," said Christiano. "How do you keep a person from committing suicide? How does a person get so depressed? And where is God in all of this?"

In dealing with depression, Christiano's research offers the following:

FIRST, loneliness attributes to depression. Everybody needs people and we all need people who care. To have friends, be a friend.

SECOND, why do people get depressed? One reason is being absorbed with self. To combat that, think of others and do for others. It takes the focus off self and brings inward satisfaction and a healthier self image.

THIRD, the type of music you listen to, the movies you watch, and entertainment choices can severely affect your mind. Instead of offensive, dark, or objectionable content, select positive.

FOURTH, drug use contributes greatly. It takes you up and then way down. A person needs to get off this vicious cycle immediately! Seek someone for help.

And FIFTH, where is God in all of this? In the episode, Christiano went to a story in John chapter 11 of the Bible to offer an answer. Jesus Christ was informed that his friend Lazarus was dying. Jesus got the message, but deliberately delayed his coming so that Lazarus would die.

"Why did He do that?" asked Christiano. "Why would the Lord purposely let a person die and his loved ones have their lives shattered?"

The episode offers an answer.

With the recent death of famous actor Robin Williams, and also the death of one of Christiano's own actresses in his series to suicide, the releasing this week of the episode on dvd is timely. "It sells for only $3", he said, "the goal is to get the message out."

7th Street Theater was the first ever prime time dramatic Christian TV series in the history of broadcasting when it was released in 2007. There are 3 Seasons to the series and 64 total episodes. The official website is 7thStreetTheater.com.