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A Warning to America

Contact: Pastor Don Swarthout, President of Christians Reviving America's Values also known as CRAVE.  859-219-1222, 859-619-2811

WASHINGTON, July 16 /Christian Newswire/ -- According to our own National Intelligence, Al Qaeda and Radical Islam are trying harder than ever to sneak operatives into the U.S. and they already have everything they need to stage an attack within our borders.   Therefore we must secure our borders and put America first instead of pouring billions of dollars of aid into countries that despise us.

Don Swarthout, President of Christians Reviving America's Values said, "A well planned Al Qaeda and Radical Islamic attack could result in the complete destruction of our nation.   They could completely destroy our economy, our everyday way of life and our very existence as a nation.  They want to end our American way of life as we know it today."

Swarthout continued, "It is time for all of America to wake up to the very real threat posed by Al Qaeda and Radical Islam.  These people are our enemies and we know where they live.  Now we must go after them and defeat them."

Colonel David Hunt said on Fox News, "The fact that we are not going into Pakistan to go after Al Qaeda is very disturbing."  Colonel Hunt also said that the upcoming election and the fragileness of President Musharraf's government are the two main reasons we are not willing to go into Pakistan to take out the heart of the Al Qaeda operations.  These are not good enough reasons for us not to fight against Al Qaeda and Radical Islam.

President Musharraf has reportedly told the leaders of Al Qaeda, "We are not going to do anything," referring to their Pakistani safe haven.  How can America be friends with a country who wants to play both ends against the middle?

A World Net Daily reporter recently watched in horror as the largest mosque in London allowed an evil, hateful message of Radical Islam. While a large group of at least 2,000 faithful radicals shouted their approval of the message.

Compromising with those who oppose our American ways is never going to work because we are too far apart in our beliefs and our enemies frequently simply lie to us.  Compromising only postpones the inevitable and we have postponed the inevitable for as long as we can.

"The time has come for the United States of America to take action," Swarthout said. 

Swarthout said, "Al Qaeda and Radical Islam are clearly our enemies and apathy has become our greatest enemy.  Unless we do something immediately about the threats posed by Al Qaeda and Radical Islam, America as we know it will be destroyed and we will go down."

Swarthout continued, "America's politicians are not listening to us because they are too busy playing partisan politics and voting the way their party tells them to vote.  We must all contact them like we did when the immigration bill was being debated and tell them that we expect them to protect us and our way of life." 

"We need to tell them in no uncertain terms, we will remember their choices when election time rolls around," Swarthout said. 

"We must tell them that we expect them to attack Al Qaeda and Radical Islam.  We also need to tell them to stop fighting these terrorists with one hand tied behind our backs.  We should be using some of the terrorists own tactics and take them out before they take us out," Swarthout concluded.