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Terminus Media: A Born Again Business

Terminus Media
June 8, 2020

ATLANTA, June 8, 2020 /Christian Newswire/ -- It is common to hear of individuals coming to Christ, but Atlanta, GA-based Terminus Media is a creative company that has been born again. For over 15 years Terminus Media has published mainstream comic books, but the company has now committed to focus primarily on family-friendly and faith-based content.

Mark Stancil, the organization's CEO, said: "Terminus Media has always been focused on great storytelling and creative excellence, but in late 2019 I was troubled because I looked at all the projects that we had worked on over the years and the projects that were currently in development, and none of them addressed the most important thing in my life: a relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ."

"I am a man of faith but in my efforts to not to offend anyone, or come off as a judgmental holy roller, I kept my faith hidden. It didn't feel authentic. It didn't feel right. I began to think and pray about what my goals and the company's goals for 2020 and beyond should be."

Mark soon discovered he was not alone in his desire to work on faith based projects. "I was on a call with Barron (Christian university professor and Radio Free Amerika creator/artist Dr. Barron Bell) and we both were frustrated with the status quo. He is a man of faith and we both said almost simultaneously that 'the only projects we had any interest in working on were faith based projects.' He told me about his project, Dominion. I told him about mine, Ascension. It was like a light came on and our path forward became clear."

It hasn't been all rainbows and angelic choirs though. "Some business advisors told us we would lose a large percentage of the business and some Terminus folks didn't like the change," Stancil, added. "When Terminus began moving in a faith based direction they made it clear that they and their projects in no way leaned towards that and never would. They would say things like "I'm a Christian but..." It's tough and will hurt us in the short term. Some properties we have invested tens of thousands of dollars in may need to move to a different publisher but it doesn't change the direction we are going as a company. We made these decisions right before the COVID-19 crisis hit and it would be easier to stay on the safe familiar path – but God has called us to be authentic. We're not mad at anybody...but we've got to do what God has called us to do."

Terminus Media's first move toward commitment to faith based family friendly content is announcing the development of two new titles: Dominion – The Fall of the House of Saul and ASCENSION, both of which are futuristic, science fiction stories inspired by Biblical events.

DOMINION: The Fall of the House of Saul is a Sci-Fantasy Biblical allegory based on the book of 1 Samuel in the Bible. Creator, writer, artist and college art educator Dr. Barron R. Bell describes the book as "Star Wars meets The Chronicles of Narnia." Biblical events like the fight between David and Goliath and the Israeli's constant war with the Amalekites and Philistines are presented using anthropomorphic talking creatures and space ships. King Saul is envisioned as a lion piloting a suit of power armor called a mech. The Amalekites are depicted as rampaging reptiles.

There is an epic story of the rise and fall of the house of Saul as contained in the Old Testament but there is a deeper purpose as explained by Dr. Bell: "I asked myself, 'What hasn't been done yet?' There are folks who would never read the Bible but they'll read Dominion. My main audience is everybody. My main goal is to get people to read the Bible. That's what God put on my heart. I've been doing comics for a long time and I think God said 'you need to put your time, talents and treasure where it really needs to go. This is significant.' So I said 'OK God, I'm going to give you my best - my best time talent and treasure. I'm going to put it on the altar and you are going to use it for whatever you are going to use it for.'"

ASCENSION is the story of a boy who has to face his fears and learn to wield divine armor to save his family and fight the forces of evil. The story is based on true stories coming out of the former Soviet Union of unidentified crash landings in remote villages. Scientists investigating the crashes find huge indentations in the earth – but no wreckage whatsoever. The scientists are further confounded when people in the nearby villages begin to have terrible nightmares and become suicidal. They conclude that the only explanation that makes sense is contained in a book banned by the soviet authorities – The Bible.

Stancil said, "I have always been fascinated with Japanese anime. I grew up watching Starblazers and Robotech after school. I love Hayao Miyazaki's work and films like Akira and Ghost in the Shell. The Japanese artists creating giant mecha [Japanese style robots] and otherworldly creature designs have a different visual perspective than western comics. Ascension takes the ancient biblical principles for fighting the forces of evil and puts them into anime power armor, missile pods and energy blades."

Issue #1 of DOMINION – Fall of the House of Saul is scheduled for release in August of 2020.

Issue #1 of Ascension is scheduled for release in October, 2020.

Both titles are available for pre-order at https://www.terminusmedia.com/pre-order

Terminus Media is an Atlanta based creative production and services company. More info at www.terminusmedia.com.
Terminus Media Contacts:
General Inquiry, e-mail: contact@terminusmedia.com, phone: (404)987-0211
Mark Stancil, mark.stancil@terminusmedia.com
Dr. Barron R. Bell, dominioncomic@gmail.com

SOURCE Terminus Media

CONTACT: General Inquiry, 404-987-0211, contact@terminusmedia.com;
Mark Stancil, mark.stancil@terminusmedia.com;
Dr. Barron R. Bell, dominioncomic@gmail.com

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