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Teaching Self-Help Healing Technique to Believers Delivers Often Dramatic Relief for a Wide Array of Ailments -- R.N. an Evangelist of 'EFT for Christians'
Intertwining Scripture and prayer with this gentle hands-on process and an understanding of our God-created physiology has ability to reverse a wide array of spiritual, emotional, and physical conditions
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FRANKLIN, Wisc., Aug. 11, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- While Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) have been gaining widespread traction as a new and natural healing resource during the past decade, most Christians are still unfamiliar with this simple and astonishingly effective self-help tool, especially in light of its association with the New Age arena. As a result, those who have discovered its often dramatic potential may be unsure how it fits in with their faith, especially when Clinical EFT's underlying principles, known as "energy medicine," also have a decidedly New Age ring to them, having already been widely embraced in those circles.
But focusing instead on the pure efficacy of this therapeutic tool and the substantive relief provided to the end-user, Sherrie Rice Smith, RN (Retired) has pioneered the use of this breakthrough approach with fellow Christians, establishing a comprehensive faith-based EFT practice (www.EFTforChristians.com) using this modality also known as "tapping," Meridian tapping, acupressure, or needless acupuncture. In her new how-to book, EFT for Christians (Energy Psychology Press, 300 pages), she teaches the reader how to use Scripture while tapping and also incorporates the restorative power of prayer into her sessions with clients.
Packed with compelling case histories drawn from her Christian EFT practice and predicated on her extensive nursing background, Rice Smith demystifies the science behind Clinical EFT, explaining how this methodology specifically works in harmony with our divinely created physiology. She demonstrates how this (drug free) science coupled with one's faith is able to provide often instantaneous healing from a wide variety of conditions – whether spiritual, emotional, or physical in nature -- along with the often profound relief Believers experience thereafter when set free from their suffering, especially when their symptoms have been chronic.
Of the nearly two dozen individual case histories chronicled in EFT for Christians, often startling healing is recounted by Believers plagued by conditions ranging from longstanding childhood traumas, tormenting abortion regret, severe migraines, OCD, chronic allergies, guilt from past immorality, family discord, and even post-stroke symptoms – the gamut of ailments responding to EFT is truly astonishing. In one story, a Believer named Judy begins by describing how her foot had been hurting for a protracted period of time and was now so painful she could barely walk. Over the course of a detailed description of her EFT session with Rice Smith, Judy's underlying issue is uncovered and addressed, having manifested itself in severe and ever-worsening physical pain in her foot. Over a year later, she's had no recurrence of the once debilitating condition and reports she's even taken up jogging. Unlike conventional "talk therapy," a hallmark of EFT is its unique ability to eradicate a problem permanently -- although it's important to note that some serious issues require the assistance of an EFT practitioner and may require several sessions).
Having devoted over four decades to her nursing career which included providing hospice, ER, medical/surgical, and pediatric care, Rice Smith has a keen interest in biology, physiology, psychology, philosophy, epigentics, and quantum physics -- thus equipping her to understand the biological mechanics of why EFT works so well. Her own traumatic childhood and subsequent decades-long personal struggles also underscore her firsthand appreciation of how EFT delivers relief to those suffering both physically as well as emotionally as EFT has delivered a source of deep healing and renewal in her own life.
Tim Carson, Senior Minister of Broadway Christian Church (Columbia, Missouri), oversees a fellowship of 1000 members and is a like-minded proponent of Christian EFT saying, "As a practicing ordained pastor of 35 years and an EFT Practitioner myself, I recommend her work without reservation to anyone who wants to explore the effectiveness of EFT and integrate it into mainstream Christian thought and practice with integrity."
Trained and certified as a Clinical EFT practitioner, Rice Smith's vision is to see EFT become a widely-adopted resource for churches to recommend/provide in delivering tangible help to God's people who are suffering with often debilitating ailments -- conditions which also frequently result in spiritual angst for them as well (and it's not unusual to uncover underlying spiritual origins of suffering in Believers). Christian EFT is also the ideal antidote for those grappling with stress given the pace and demands of today's frenetic world -- so it's a self-help method ideal for use by virtually everyone. As recounted in EFT for Christians case histories, its efficacy benefits all ages -- from children to the elderly.
 Overall, Rice Smith's goal for Christian EFT is one of restoration: between the client and the Lord first, and, secondly, addressing their attitudes and feelings toward others involved in the often hidden/buried incidents which are typically found to have been the triggers for physical manifestations of pain and other conditions which are actually rooted in emotional trauma.
A devout follower of Jesus for the majority of her adult life, Rice Smith is also a professional trainer whose next EFT Certification class will be held September 10-13 in Milwaukee. She's committed to paving the path forward in educating others and establishing this new healing modality which powerfully combines Scripture and prayer with Biblically-based protocols she's developed in combination with Clinical EFT tapping. To learn more, please visit: www.EFTforChristians.com.
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