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Some Have Mixed Emotions When it Comes to Experiencing God
Contact: Dave Wernli, 540-845-1225, wernman@comcast.net

MOBILE, Ala., July 28, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- The emotional excess exhibited by various Christian ministries over the years has led some people to follow them down the same path or caused others to avoid emotional experiences altogether to preclude possible dangers. Both these extremes rob Christians of the abundant life that God has for them. Today's Christian needs to experience more of the presence of God than ever if they are to survive and thrive in our world.

Dave Wernli, in his new book entitled Mixed Emotions, shares how to have a balance in approaching emotional experiences with God. Dave shares a solid biblical foundation that helps Christians to discern the moves of the Holy Spirit and gives them the tools to steward the experience rightly. Freed from fears, people can experience God more intimately and allow Him to move in their lives.

As Rev. Jim Bethany, Senior Pastor of Richland Baptist Church shared, "Dave Wernli has brought much-needed balance to the awareness that our interaction with the living God must have both intellectual and emotional components if it is to be healthy."

Readers will find themselves free to experience God in a new way and then know what to do with the experience. They will also be equipped to help others, as well as walk out their own experiences while still being submitted to their local church.

From those who think emotional experiences with God are everything to those who are terrified that they are happening in their church, Mixed Emotions ministers to those who are searching for a balanced and biblical perspective. People need help in sorting out what is of God and what is not, and this book fills that need. Wernli teaches Christians how to practice discernment by asking key questions so that the church may grow into all that God created it to be.

Mixed Emotions, by Dave Wernli, 160 pages, PB, $13.99, ISBN: 978-158169-5465. Published by Evergreen Press christian-publishing.net (2014). Distributed by Ingram/Spring Arbor and Amazon.com. Evergreen Press is an imprint of Genesis Communications, Inc., a publisher of Christian books since 1987.

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