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What do Biblical Numbers Mean for You? Christian Author Explains God's Plan Through Numbers

Contact: AnnaMarie Cantrell, 864-504-5616, Anna@CaptiveInkMedia.com
MEDIA ADVISORY, March 21, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- After the tragic death of her husband, Jan Teel-Nealis began researching the significance of numbers in the Bible. The discovery of the numeric symbolism propelled her forward toward a deeper understanding of grief and the hope that lies beyond the moments of profound loss.

"I found that God's Word is rich in symbolism and revelation which brought me comfort and hope," said Teel-Nealis.  When asked to share an example, the upcoming month was a natural place to start.

April is the fourth month of our calendar year. According to Teel-Nealis, the number four represents creation and earthly completeness. "In an unusual unfolding, this year we will celebrate Easter, traditionally the date we observe the resurrection of Christ from the grave, on the very first day of April. He conquered death, hell, and the grave in a triumphant victory. He was the first of many who can say, 'Grave, where is your victory? Death, where is your sting?'" she said.  Although our loved ones may be separated from us on this side of eternity, she believes because of His victory, they are awaiting us in a new fashion and have already been celebrating in ways our hearts cannot fathom.
Teel-Nealis clung tightly to this revelation but did not stop there. As her research continued, she found solace in writing a weekly entry on social media reflecting on where she was in the process each week as it correlated with her grieving.  After the first few entries, she received numerous requests from others who were also suffering from the loss of a loved one to share her journey. She has since amassed an impressive following on social media, and these entries became the heart of her new book, "Grieving by the Numbers" which was released Monday, the nineteenth day of the third month.

The number three, according to Teel-Nealis, is the number for Divine fullness, completion, and perfection. "It represents excellent things," she said. The number nineteen represents our faith in God's perfect judgments, she noted. 

For the year 2018, the number eighteen represents the two options: life or slavery. "As one is challenged in the tenderness of grieving to become enslaved to your sorrow, your Heavenly Father is issuing a Divine invitation for you to partner with His love and encouraging you to move on toward life," she said.