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Whites May Think Twice About Abortion if a Black Man Impregnated their Daughter -- Claims Alabama Legislator
Day Gardner Agrees with Alabama State Rep. Alvin Holmes, "the truth sometimes hurts"
Contact: Day Gardner, President, National Black Pro-Life Union, 202-834-0844, daygardner23A@aol.com
WASHINGTON, March 10, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Last week Alabama State Rep. Alvin Holmes (D-Montgomery) brought race into an abortion debate in Alabama, claiming whites may think twice about abortion if a black man impregnated their daughter.
During his speech, he asked a white woman if she'd allow her daughter to have a mixed-race baby. Oh course the woman said "yes," but the question as well as the answer was moot.
The woman was asked that question in a very public forum. Under those conditions, there is no way to tell if she answered honestly to what she, or any other 'white' person would do if they were faced with the reality that their young daughter was not only expecting a baby -- but expecting a baby fathered by a black man.
Sadly, there is truth to the statement made by Mr. Holmes.
For instance, on Sept. 15, 2006, a Maine couple, Nicholas and Lola Kampf, from North Yarmouth, Maine, kidnapped their daughter, Katelyn to force her to get an abortion in New York.
Their daughter, Katelyn Kampf was 19 at the time. She said the harrowing experience took place, after her parents learned she was pregnant with a mixed-race baby. Katelyn is white and the baby's father, her boyfriend at the time was black.
Kampf said her mother referred to the baby she was carrying as a "science project."
These parents tied their daughter up, forced her into a car and headed for an abortion clinic in New York. The young woman escaped and contacted police who arrested her parents.
What I found especially chilling was the fact that police found a .22-caliber rifle, duct tape and rope in the car. Was that their "plan B"?
How many situations similar to this have occurred without our knowledge?
The point is, in America, children of all races are ruthlessly butchered by abortion on a daily basis and statistics show the abortion rate of mixed race or black children skyrocketing.
Face it! There are those who believe a black baby has lesser value than a white baby. The truth is, race continues to be a major factor in the abortion debate--and ignoring that fact will not make it go away. I believe race, many times decides who gets to live and who gets to die.
As Rep. Holmes said, "You know, the truth sometimes hurts… You know that and I know that. You will never admit it."
Day Gardner is President of the National Black Pro-Life Union, an organization founded to serve as a clearing house to coordinate the flow of communications among all African American pro-life organizations and individuals in order to better network and combine resources.