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The Targets of Mail Bombs Were Baby-Killing Evildoers Two Days Ago...They’re Still Baby-Killing Evildoers Today -- We Must Fearlessly Say Truth

It is Democrat rhetoric that has incited mob behavior

Contact: Michael Veritas, 904-826-9989

WASHINGTON, Oct. 25, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is a statement by Randall Terry, host of Voice of Resistance, regarding mail-bombs and Nancy Pelosi:

    Before the news of the (now) 9 mail-bombs made its rounds through cyber space, child-killing proponents Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer released a blathering statement regarding President Trump's condemnation of the pipe bombs.

    Their press release said President Trump "...has condoned physical violence..." This is a lie. Pelosi and Schumer ignored the Democrats who call for public harassment - which has lead to violence - against Republicans.

    Hillary Clinton said "we cannot be civil" to Republicans; Eric Holder said "we kick 'em" (Republicans); Joe Biden wants to "take him [Trump] behind the gym;" Nancy Pelosi said those who disagree with her agenda would be "collateral damage;" Maxine Waters urged public harassment of Republicans "you're not welcome here or anywhere!"

    As a result of this Democrat rhetoric, we've seen a wave of mob behavior from their followers, with multiple criminal, sometimes violent attacks being committed. 

    Why are Pelosi and Company behaving like lunatics? Because in the end, they are terrified righteous citizens will overturn Roe v Wade, end the slaughter of babies by abortion, and eliminate so-called "homosexual marriage." They fear we will end their reign of terror, and end the state run plantation they have engineered for decades.

    That is what this is all about. Study the countless talking airheads on TV, and various left wing groups who are granted airtime on the fake-news networks to deride President Trump and conservatives day after day.

    They are evildoers. They are a threat to human life, Truth, and Justice. They are self-conscious enemies of the Laws of God. They are baby-killers.

    And now – exploiting this news cycle just days before the election – they want President Trump and the rest of us Christian conservatives to surrender our most effective weapon: The Truth.

    We will not surrender the Truth.

    The targets of mail bombs were baby-killing evildoers two days ago...they're still baby-killing evildoers today. We must fearlessly continue to say the truth.

    If Hillary was not a former first lady and former Presidential candidate, she would be in prison.

    Civilized societies have equal justice under the law. We chant, "lock her up!" because Hillary is a law breaking criminal. She escaped justice because of her status, not her innocence.

    I beg all God-fearing broadcasters, bloggers, writers, and speakers to not surrender the truth during these harrowing days. The only ones who will benefit if we stop proclaiming the truth are the liars and child-killers in politics, at CNN, and the other godless fake-news networks that are the enemies of life and justice."