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The Unwelcome Stranger
Valerie Cullers
April 8, 2021

MERIDIAN, Idaho, April 8, 2021 /Christian Newswire/ -- Need a break from 2021? Let Valerie Cullers take you back to the beginning of the fourth century when it was dangerous to be a Christian. Watch events unfold as Constantine becomes the Emperor of the Western half of the Roman Empire and finally declares Christianity a legal religion.

"Most Christians have no idea why or how Christianity became a legal religion in western society. They take for granted the freedoms given to them by Constantine and assume they will always have them." Valerie Cullers

Valerie Cullers is a writer, author and speaker who is a seeker of truth. Her journey took her down some dead ends, dark paths and over some difficult road blocks until she finally found the Truth she was looking for. She met Jesus and her life has never been the same. She has a desire to share that truth with others.

The Unwelcome Stranger is a story about a young grieving widow whose life gets caught up with a Senatorial Legate who sides with Constantine in his march on Rome to conquer the western half of the Roman Empire. Livia is a believer and walks a fine line with her faith as she interacts with those of his household. Her family devises a plan to rescue her and attempts to free her from her situation.

The Unwelcome Stranger is well researched and leads the reader through the historic events that happened in an easy to read and interesting format. The exciting conclusion to the story, "The Road to Ravenna" has just been published by Lighthouse Christian Publishing.

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SOURCE Valerie Cullers

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