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Chrisagis Brothers Receive Three More Nominations for Music

Chrisagis Brothers Ministries
Aug. 12, 2020

YORKVILLE, Ohio, Aug. 12, 2020 /Christian Newswire/ -- In a year where political agenda's are pushed and fear makes folks prisoners at home with a virus running rapid the Chrisagis Brothers are the TWIN TOWERS that are STILL STANDING.

The year started off with tons of concerts all over the U.S. for the brothers. They toured through Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Florida and had plans to head to Texas, New York and California later in the year. They were also about to work on a few concerts with Adam Crabb, Wes Hampton and Charlotte Ritchie from the Gaither's Homecomings. Plans were in the works for a Hollywood Legends event with actors Erik Estrada, Joe Penny, and others as well as the Christian Legends event that the brothers hold yearly with award winning artists like Russ Taff, Michael English, Scott Wesley Brown and others. Additionally the annual All That Glitters Women's Conference was planned with actresses Jennifer O'Neill, Cristina Ferrare and other women from Hollywood who have found hope in Jesus.

But it all hit the wall when the coronavirus shut every door and every major project came to a halt. They also had hopes of filming their TV series with producer, director and filmographer Mark Potts but all productions were shut down immediately. One would think this would be one of the worst years ever for the dynamic duo... with God all things work for good for those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).

These two men have been called from birth with a life changing testimony that would make the unbeliever a believer and compete with any supernatural novel of Stephen Kings. These two brother have experienced a move of God that is unlike most. During this year of uncertain futures the Chrisagis Brothers (Brian & Shawn) were nominated for three Josie Music Awards:

  1. Entertainer of the Year
  2. Album of the Year
  3. Duo of the Year

All the nominees were picked out of 30 thousand entries. The red carpet award ceremony will be held in September at Dollywood and this marks the second year the brothers were picked by this prestigious awards organization. The brothers have been nominated over 20 times for many different awards and won Duo of the Year a few years back from The Extraordinary People Award. With 10 CD's to their credit and numerous TV and radio shows under the belt, plus a new book about their testimony and several projects still being talked about for future development the brothers are warriors on the battlefield for Jesus in these end times. If you would like to contact them or book them for your church please contact Lynda Sullivan at 740-859-2344.

SOURCE Chrisagis Brothers

CONTACT: Lynda Sullivan, 740-859-2344

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