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A Riveting Tale of Generational Abuse

Contact: Adam Cothes, WinePress Publishing Group, 360-802-9758, adam@winepressgroup.com


ENUMCLAW, Wash., Mar. 21 /Christian Newswire/ -- Approximately 80,000 incidents of sexual abuse against children are reported yearly. Studies show that that children who are abused or neglected will more likely to become criminal offenders as adults. One expert estimates that forty percent of sexual abusers were sexually abused as children (Vanderbilt, 1992). But is it possible to break this tormenting cycle? Can they learn to trust again after their betrayal of innocence? Can victims of child abuse rise above their pain into freedom?


Norma Koester Bork, PhD, author of the riveting new novel "Ten Miles from the Nearest Sin [WinePress Publishing, 2006]," places readers in the life of an abused child. The story shows, with careful sensitivity, the chilling effects of sexual abuse for both the victim and the abuser, and the consequences that often carry over to family members and into the next generation.


Jack lived in a loving home with a stay-at-home mother and dreamed of an honorable life, but then a friendly army officer moved in next door. When Jack, a troubled teenager, runs away to join the army his father remembers that friendly neighbor. He asks the neighbor to keep Jack safe in the raging European war. At the war's end, Jack attends college physically strong yet emotionally insecure. In an attempt to prove that he has become a "real man" he assaults a classmate, Katherine.


A child, Karis, conceived in this violent act, matures into young womanhood, oblivious of the identity of her father. Attending the same college where Jack is now the Academic Dean, Karis struggles to make a life decision while facing the temptation of a forbidden love. The three characters Katherine, Karis, and Jack, unaware of their relationship, meet in a dramatic climax.


Can Jack find healing from the pain he's endured and now the pain he's caused? Will these characters reconcile their past and find redemption and healing in the present?


Award-winning author Rosey Dow describes the book as "a compelling story. I couldn't put it down. Bravo for the courage to expose a raw nerve in our safe, secure little world."


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