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California College Student Council Officially Opposes LGBT 'Day of Silence'

Contact: George Popko, 916-705-6461, ARC.SA.StudentRep@gmail.com

SACRAMENTO, Calif., April 17 /Christian Newswire/ -- On Thursday, April 16, in a Council chamber overflowing with students, the Student Council of American River College voted 11-5 to pass a resolution putting the 42,000-student Community College on record as opposing the LGBT National "Day of Silence".

"The passage of this resolution marks new progress for Community Colleges," commented Vladimir Musorivschi. "The 'Day of Silence' project has been used as an opportunity to suspend Christian students at local schools for wearing Bible verses on their shirts. The 'Day of Silence' is truly about silencing the voices of Christian students and we will oppose this censorship."

The audience was packed with students who spoke out in favor of and against the resolution. Those in favor argued that the controversial "Day of Silence" was an attempt to silence Christians, while those opposed argued the "Day of Silence" was only about protecting homosexuals and transsexuals from violence.

The hour-long Council meeting ended with the 11 to 5 vote in favor of the resolution, with students arguing for religious protection from oppressive censorship associated with the "Day of Silence". The vote (11 to 5 = 69%) provided the required 2/3rds vote requirement to pass the resolution.

"We are concerned about the 'Day of Silence' being used as a propaganda and intimidation tactic which seeks to suppress dissent, such as has happened in fascist regimes and in the former Soviet Union, from which some members of the Student Council escaped," commented Student Rep. George Popko. "We do not want to see our State and National governments allow tactics like the 'Day of Silence' in public schools, colleges, and universities to silence Christians."

This is not the first time American River College's Student Council has been in the news for taking up controversial subject matter. In September, the Council voted 8-3 (73%) to endorse the California Proposition 8 Marriage initiative -- an action that led some students to lead a vigorous recall campaign attempting to unseat the student leaders who supported Prop 8. The recall failed.

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