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Is the Resurrection of Christ Real? Scientists, Archeologists Now Have New Proof Positive Evidence

Contact:  Suzie Zahn, WDC Media, 530-963-3496, office@wdcmedia.com; for Grizzly Adams® Productions, Inc.


LOS ANGELES, Mar. 21 /Christian Newswire/ -- With documentaries implying that the bones of Jesus have been found and atheists claiming that Jesus Christ was just a man like anyone else, there are so many stories about the death and resurrection of Christ that it is difficult to know what to believe.  But there are a group of scientists, physicists and archeologists who claim to have new scientific evidence that is proof positive that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is real and they are available to present their findings.


The evidence combines the latest technology with archeological discoveries regarding the mysterious Shroud of Turin and how scientists have discovered a tremendously powerful force left a lasting, 2,000 year old three dimensional impression in the cloth in which many believe Christ was buried.  David W. Balsiger, Senior Producer at Grizzly Adams Productions, who has produced two documentaries on this subject (The Fabric of Time: Secrets of the Universe, and The Case for Christ’s Resurrection) is available to reveal the powerful secrets behind the following controversial questions:


  • What new scientific evidence proves the resurrection of Christ?


  • How does a scientific three-dimensional image on the Shroud of Turin prove anything about the death and resurrection of Christ?


  • What new findings does the Shroud of Turin bring to collaborate the crucifixion account of Christ’s death?


  • What are the quantum physics theories about how the image of the Shroud of Turin was created?


  • What proof is there that Jesus Christ actually lived after his death from crucifixion?


Credentials:  David W. Balsiger is a television producer-director and the author of 139 major literary works including 23 nonfiction books. He is the head of the broadcast and licensing division of Grizzly Adams® Productions, Inc., the producers of family-friendly TV specials, series and videos. David's books, and video-TV projects have won more than 112 national awards for journalistic, literary, or production excellence.


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