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Mexico's Families Must Stand Together Against Abortion Genocide

Contact: Phil Magnan, executive director of Biblical Family Advocates, 011-36-1-246-2587


BUDAPEST, April 23 /Christian Newswire/ -- Mexico City is set to vote on legislation that would legalize abortion up to 12 weeks on demand, this Tuesday, April 24th. Even though polls generally say that most citizens in Mexico oppose abortion, Steven Ertelt of Life News.com stated in an article, Mexico's People Oppose Legalizing Abortion Second Poll Shows, that, "In Mexico City, residents were in favor of legalizing abortion on a slim 44-38 percent margin while citizens in the rest of Mexico opposed abortion by a much larger 58-23 percent split."


Phil Magnan, Director of Biblical Family Advocates responded to the poll saying, "What a sad commentary on the people of Mexico city who believe they can become better off by killing their own children. If Mexico desires abortion because of economics or unwanted unwed pregnancies, shouldn't they pursue moral family affirming steps that do not dismember and throw away their own children? The answer is not birth control as much as it should be self control. The answer is not killing children; it's holding each other responsible for our irresponsible relationships that have undermined the sanctity of marriage. Mexico must once again come to know the living God who calls them to holiness and compassion."


Biblical Family Advocates encourages those who would like to email the legislature in Mexico can do so by going to the Hispanics for Life website.


Magnan continued by saying, "I believe this is a very crucial time for the people of Mexico and even for the peoples of North and South America. We must stand together with one voice to be a voice for these precious voiceless Mexican children who are made in God's image. They deserve better than to be wasted on the trash heap of immorality and the selfish right to choose abortion."