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Advice to Democratic Party: Seek Jesus, Not Votes -- Commentary on Jim Kuhnhenn's AP Article 'Democrats Push for Religious Voice'

Contact: Keith McCahey, 210-379-5982, kmccahey@bibledoctrinebasics.com


HOUSTON, Texas, Sept. 6 /Christian Newswire/ -- Which Party does God favor, Democrats or Republicans? God favors anyone who comes before him with the blood of Christ to cover their sins, studies his word, consistently seeks him in prayer, shares the Gospel, and glorifies his name. If we, as Christians, do this, God will favor our nation and guide our leaders according to his will. Sounds like a simple plan. Perhaps Mr. David Wilhelm and the Democratic Christian activist groups should spend their time sharing the Gospel with Democratic leaders and getting our Lord’s name back in prominence where it belongs.


Think about what our country would be like if each of the 10’s of millions of attendees at Christian based churches studied the Lord’s word faithfully, followed the precepts outlined in the Bible, and led 2 non-believers per year to accept Christ’s death on the cross as payment for their sins. We wouldn’t need to worry about our politicians, and they would not be confused about how to vote.


Obviously this isn’t happening and it’s not our political system that’s at fault, so we must be failing as The Church?


Author Jack Heckathorne has studied churches and the Bible for over 40 years. He has taken all of these observations and summarized them in his new book, “Separation of Church and God – The Final Judgment”. His Chapter titled “Religion vs. Christianity” addresses many of the reasons why the Church is failing in its mission.