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It's Not MY Space, It's HisHolySpace...

Contact: Jeff Broderick, Founder, HisHolySpace, 847-639-4505, JJB@HisHolySpace.com


ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill., April 30 /Christian Newswire/ -- HisHolySpace.com today announced the launch of their beta site effective May 1, 2007.  The beta launch marks a new chapter in online community networks.  The opening of the website to the general public in Beta format enables users from around the world to gather at a singular spot, www.HisHolySpace.com to come together as one large Christian Group.  With the recent advent of many popular online communities, the clamoring for a safe, faith-based community has begun to be fulfilled.


HisHolySpace.com, in it's very short existence in 'silent mode' has already attracted over 11,000 members, is an online Christian Community that is structured on the Core Essential Doctrines of Christianity. The Bible itself reveals those doctrines that are essential to the Christian faith. They are as follows: (1) the Deity of Christ (2) Salvation by Grace (3) Resurrection of Christ, and (4) the gospel.


Jeff Broderick, Founder of HisHolySpace.com, commented on why he felt the need to create such a site. "I believe that the 'slogan' of HisHolySpace.com characterizes the site: 'It's Not MY Space, It's HIS Space'. 


Jeff continued, "I kept feeling as if Christians had 2 choices when it came to online communities; Put up with what a worldly un-Godly community site offers, or do not belong to an online community. This bothered me as I thought we had the same right to fellowship without attack as other sites.  A large part of what HisHolySpace.com is meant to do is encourage and help others how to actually be effective in sharing the gospel. So that when they go on these other sites, which are so worldly, they can be effective in sharing the good news. HisHolySpace.com is not meant to be an alternative to separate from the world, it is simply an additional site that I strongly feel is needed for Christians to have for growth, strengthening, rest and prayer."


While in Beta mode, the site will be enhanced, and made into a more cosmetically appealing site for the members.


The Beta Launch of HisHolySpace.com marks a new era for Christians to come together in a non-hostile, loving, helpful atmosphere for fellowship and guidance.  And, as importantly, to help guide.