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Retired Army Reserve Chaplain Ray Moore Runs for Lt. Governor on Belief that 'What Once Was Can be Again'

Contact: Matthew Miller, Campaign Consultant, 803-814-4118; Chaplain E. Ray Moore, Jr. (Lt. Col. USAR Ret.), 803-596-0260, voteraymoore@gmail.com

COLUMBIA, S.C., March 28, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- On March 25 at 11:54 am Ray Moore officially filed to run for Lt. Governor of South Carolina for the June 10 GOP Primary. He announced his candidacy on March 9 in a news article by Bob Unruh, writer for WorldNetDaily. Moore later commented, "I, my friends, and my family are hopeful and excited to see what we can do to for our great State and its future."

Ray Moore will carry the banner statewide for educational freedom, school choice, and the need to grow K-12 private, Christian, and home education. As executive producer of the nationally-acclaimed movie IndoctriNation, Moore is the right person to make this case.

Ray's candidacy is both message and action oriented. He is focusing on the theme that What once was can be again. He has long been a champion of limiting government to its original constitutional role by reinstating the gold standard (pro-sound money); reviving pro-life values; and restoring pro-family, pro-private, Christian, and home-education principles. Moore has long served as a nationwide leader in school choice and Christian education through the national ministry he founded, Exodus Mandate. He also co-founded the SC Sound Money Committee.

Ray was campaign coordinator for Pat Robertson's presidential campaign in SC from 1987 to 1988. He also served on Vice President Dan Quayle's campaign staff for his first Senate race in 1980. A South Carolina native, Ray is also a veteran and retired Army Reserve chaplain having attained rank of lieutenant colonel, as well as earning a Bronze Star Medal for his role in Gulf War I.

Among the lieutenant governor's chief responsibilities is oversight of the Office on Aging. Chaplain Moore attended Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell's speech, "The Face of Aging in South Carolina," on March 26 at the South Carolina State House. Moore stated, "I agree with Lt. Gov. McConnell's analysis of the inadequacy of our current plans to provide for our aging population. I heartily endorse his conclusions on how to best meet these current and future needs, and I plan to build on his legacy, if elected. I will seek to grow public-private partnerships, especially with our local churches and faith-based communities, in order to provide adequate care with dignity for those who need it."

To learn more about Ray and his campaign, visit his website at VoteRayMoore.com.