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New Social Media Site Wants to Make a Difference in November
Orybs Announces Plan for rapid expansion prior to the November Elections

Right2Voice News and Social Media Services
Sept. 8, 2020

BALTIMORE, Md., Sept. 8, 2020 /Christian Newswire/ -- Right2Voice News and Social Media Services, makers of the new social media/news platform and app, Orbys.net, has announced plans for an aggressive marketing campaign with the hopes of making a difference in the November election.

"We always planned for our platform to be bi-partisan," states the founder of the company, Robert Farrow. "But sadly the idea of free speech and having a platform for both sides of the news has become controversial for one side of the political spectrum. That means our competition will try to paint us as right wing. But free speech benefits everyone, as does unfiltered news."

Orbys.net is 100% free and offers live streaming to its users as well as more features then all of their competitors. For their new marketing campaign, Orbys.net has begun working with online personalities who will be adding their shows to the new platform. And the founder, as well as the CTO, Alberto Esperon Gomez, will be appearing on radio shows, live streaming, and podcasts. Details on the new shows and personalities will soon follow.

"Any issue has two sides," continues the founder, Robert Farrow; "a positive and a negative. If your news tells you only one side, then you are just reading propaganda. Stopping the monopolizing and control of the flow of news is what this company cares about. News that favors one side only helps those in power on that side. It never helps the people in general. That is what we are fighting against in November."

Press and Media Inquiries

Robert Farrow
Founder, Acting CEO

Alberto Esperon Gomez CTO

SOURCE Right2Voice News and Social Media Services

CONTACT: Robert Farrow, Founder, Acting CEO, Rfarrow@Orbys.net; Alberto Esperon Gomez, CTO, Aesperon@Orbys.net

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